You Are More Than Your Laptop

For my first post on Medium I am going to share what is on my mind at this very moment. This is my afternoon’s cluster of thoughts and frustrations and memories that are gathering within my brain.

Last night I surrendered my computer over to the Genius Bar at Apple and have had many feels. It’s not that I feel naked without my computer, and I am not worried that the Geniuses are looking through my files…instead I feel like a failure. I feel like I have let myself and my team at work down because I am without this piece of technology.

Even though I have an iPad and two smartphones at my desk, being without my computer makes me feel like I can’t be productive. Like there is always something in the way of me completing a task.

Which there is — my iPad and phones are smart but I can’t get by as well without the ol’ laptop. This made me think about technology’s impact on my ability to be successful, and again made me reflect on how fortunate I am to even have this technology.

Basically every job I have held, outside of scooping ice cream, has required my laptop in some form or another.

How lucky am I that I grew up in a family that gave me my first laptop when I was 12 years old? How is it that I am only now realizing that if I didn’t have a laptop I would have been cast aside as a candidate for the jobs I’ve had?

And now that I am without my laptop…I feel like a failure? Is that fair?!?

Technology is beautiful, and it helps our brains move at an exponentially faster rate than before. But…I want to believe that the value I have as an employee, or as a human being with a brain who can think and process information…is still apparent when my laptop is across town inside the Apple Store.

But I am not entirely convinced, and this must be why I feel like a failure.

This is why (I believe) we as a society need to put more effort towards figuratively “leaving the smart phones in our purse,” and reconnecting with the things that make us human. Our thoughts, our words, actions and interactions, before we had technology attached to our fingertips.

Even though technology will never go away, and the future is probably bionic beings with internet built into our brains; Humans were first and foremost able to form thoughts, create things, and interact with other beings! If we don’t practice processing information from reality and other humans in real time, we will become virtual beings ourselves.

So next time you’re with your friends, say you want to spend time with them and not them+phone. Or while you’re work actually have a chat at the water cooler without your phone in hand. Take it back to a time when you didn’t have a screen to bury your face into, and build that authentic relationship.

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