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“ So what is your point???! The beauty of these games is and always has been the myriad of interpretations that people take away from them.”

Okay first of all, the point is that From generally do not really want to get involved in all this crap, so they provide little bits of lore here and there about characters and leave the players to make up their own minds.

Secondly the interpretation that stupid person who wrote the “Yes Gwyndolin is a tarns woman” article is riddled with self-righteousness and stupidity. The person somehow took deep offence and started calling From software out for “inspiring hatred for trans people” which is precisely what they didn’t do.

“This sentence here makes it abundantly clear you have no fucking idea what its like to live as a trans person for one blinking second. You know what’s malice? Not being able to relieve yourself in a public restroom for fear of being outed or arrested.”

Firstly swearing really doesn’t boost your argument, in fact it does quite the opposite and just makes you look like an angry little kid.

Secondly, what in the name of Obama are you talking about? My cousin is a trans woman and she has never, ever told anyone in the family that she’s scared to go to into a public bathroom and all of use are incredibly close.

“You know whats malice? The constant harassment and threat of violence non conforming trans / trans people have to live with on a constant basis.”

Again what on earth are you on about? My cousin has never once been verbally harassed or felt in danger of being physically harassed. I’m not saying that they do not face abuse in parts of the world because they certainly do. But so do black people, gay people, transvestites etc. It’s not just trans people who face abuse, but you are really laying it on thick which is stupid. You make it sound like the whole world acts like Nazi’s towards trans people. I can assure you, they do not.

“That’s the problem with this entire article, you show absolutely no intent on at least trying to view the world thru trans eyes or even attempt to empathize with the author.”

Wrong on so many levels. He is simply using common sense that many tarns people would use when they look at this article. It is absolutely filled with self-righteousness and offers no other points of view within itself. The author didn’t even consider that From Software simply made this character for a game, not to scorn the international LGBT community.

It’s hard to empathise with someone who has clearly gone off the deep end and starts swanning about going “Oh we’re under attack from these ignorant haters!” because that was the long-story-short of that Gwyndolin article.

“There is literally a war going on (particularly against trans women of color being murdered at an extremely high rate) but , no, YOU are the one being afflicted and accused. No concept of reality.”

I think the one who needs a reality check is you my friend. There is no “war” going on at all. Just because a few trans people get murdered doesn’t mean that everyone is out to get them. What about the real wars happening over in the Middle East huh? Scores of people being mass murdered every day by religious extremists. Children having their feet and hands cut off because they refuse to obey the extreme Islamic “law”. Or what about the girls who are forced to undergo female genital mutilation. I think it’s safe to say, you are in a much better place than all of them. So you can stop playing the worlds smallest violin you self-righteous imbecile.

The vast majority of people in the West have a live and let live attitude. But you insist on sniffing discarded cans of spray adhesive and imagining conspiracy theories while sitting in your nice house with an expensive smartphone. But then this sort of cancer rises up completely out of nowhere because some people simply want to draw attention to themselves. Goodness you are so unbelievably selfish and stupid it boggles my mind.

“You are just mad that a trans person is speaking out about their lived experience and applying it to Dark Souls. Which literally EVERY OTHER SINGLE PERSON DOES.”

Um no. Not every other person does. I have never looked a situation in Dark Souls and thought ‘Huh, this similar to a real world situation’ because it is a goddamn fantasy RPG game.

The person wasn’t talking about their life experience, they were complaining about how trans people are abused. Well first of all, Gwyndolin is not a trans woman. Reasons being:

  1. Gwyn decided to raise his last son as a girl. This decision he made from the moment Gwyndolin was born. A trans person realises later on in life when they are able to understand, that their gender identity does not conform with their assigned gender. Trans is all about choice, you cannot simply decide to force a separate gender identity on a person when they aren’t even old enough to find out their feelings for themselves. Gwyndolin had literally no say in the matter. That goes against everything trans stands for.
  2. Every item related to Gwyndolin in the games state that he is a male.
  3. If he really was a transwoman, why does his closest sibling Yorshka (DS3) still refer to him as her ‘elder brother’?

The third I need to elaborate upon. My cousin is a female and gets extremely offended when an idiotic person refers to her as a male. You know like one of those moronic white supremacist scumbags who has nothing better to do than sit around and read Mein Kampf.

The lore shows that Yorshka was very close to Gwyndolin. If the god of the Darkmoon really did consider himself a trans woman, would he have not made it clear to her that he wished to be known as a female? His sister would have undoubtedly embraced that request to it’s fullest. Gwyndolin even sacrificed himself to save her and let himself be slowly eaten by a gelatinous blob. If that doesn’t show a true bond, I do not know what does.

“But no, you couldn’t let a trans person voice their concerns and celebration of a character that spoke deeply to them.”

So by your logic, the person who wrote that article was forcibly raised as a daughter from birth, was constantly abused by their father and was generally an outcast? Well if that is the case then yes, they were indeed expressing celebration of having finally found a character relating to them. Nowadays however a parent couldn’t get away with that as it is known as child abuse.

“So instead you wrote a fucking dissertation trying to yet again control and sway the narrative to your cis normative worldview. Because, it hurt your feelings or something. Right.”

Have you been at the spray can’s again? What are you on about this “cis normative view” rubbish. This game has no underlaying message that cis people are better than non-comforming people. But dramatic people of all sexes, races and gender opinions have take it completely the wrong way and make a massive deal out of it.

The man was simply pointing out that the person who wrote the article, was overly dramatic and self-righteous, which is the truth. Nothing to do with repression or “cis people rule, trans people drool!”. The person was giving the trans community a bad name by being cancerous. It’s like those extreme feminists who claim that any woman who doesn’t agree with them has inbuilt misogyny without actually realising that not everyone flocks to their cause simply because they don’t like it. It’s the same with you and the person who wrote the article, anyone who disagrees with you must be a cis person. A very stupid and ignorant outlook, how very ironic.

“Where did they say that!? Ever? Now your agenda is abundantly clear.”

This line right here proves just how dogmatically blind you are. If you really cannot see how utterly hypocritical and selfish that article is then I’m afraid you are indeed just as utterly clueless as you sound.

The language and context the author used in that article clearly gave off the overall message of “I’m right and if anyone disagrees they hate trans people.” They even directly did say it in the article right here:

“i’ve seen so many posts from cis dudes ascribing the motivations behind her appearance to the punitive and stringent will of some other authoritative figure in the story, generally lord gwyn, because they can’t imagine someone would ever choose this.”

That paragraph above literally describes the people who tried to explain the lore to the author as ‘cis dudes’. You obviously didn’t read it properly or need to go back to english lessons. The author is clearly blind to official lore from the own damn game this character originates from. That’s like saying to George R.R Martin that Tyrion never killed his father.

The author is under the delusion that Gwyndolin choose that life-style. They clearly didn’t play the game properly because, as I have said before, Gwyndolin did NOT have a choice in the matter. He was just an infant when the decision was made for him by his father. Ironically the author is guilty of the very thing they claim to be against; ignorance.

“Are you out of your damn mind? This statement is laughable. How many trans voices in the DS community do you see represented on youtube? Forums? Wiki contributors? How dare you…”

Oh well since you’re obviously so in-touch with the Dark Souls community, you must know everybody in it or representing it on social websites is not a trans person. You’re telling this man that no trans people contribute to Dark Souls, whether through the wiki or YouTube. I didn’t know you knew every single person who plays Dark Souls. Wow, you must be some sort of god. In case your tiny brain couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.

You do not know anything at all. Not every trans person goes onto the Dark Souls wiki pages, forums, YouTube vids and shouts “I’m a trans woman and I represent the trans community in Dark Souls.” Not every person feels the need to shout out their personal business, unlike you dramatic half-wits who are so lonely they can only feel special by shouting out your personal business on the internet. The vast majority of people do not care whether or not you’re black/gay/bi-sexual/trans or anything else. No one is going to shout them down when they come forward with genuine arguments with actual evidence to back it up. This person however clearly isn’t sensible and just makes other trans people look bad.

I would say stop being so blatantly hypocritical, but you obviously do not have the brain capacity to understand.

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