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Aeon Matrix launched the original Yardian in 2017 with a strange proposition: Combine a smart sprinkler controller with a home security camera. While the first Yardian was relative well received, the new Yardian Pro simplifies things by ditching the security angle and focusing on irrigation. It’s a capable—if rather confusing—smart sprinkler system.

Let’s start with the hardware. This 6 x 6-inch flat-white box is unobtrusive and modern in design, with a slim bar of LEDs indicating zone activity across the middle. It’s one of a few sprinkler devices that would look OK mounted inside your home. (Also worth noting…

The X-Sense Mini isn’t a smart smoke alarm, but it is very affordable, especially if you buy in bulk. And its ability to interconnect means if one goes off, they’ll all go off, increasing the chances that everyone in the home will be alerted to escape.

Don’t get us wrong, smart smoke detectors offer major benefits; namely, the ability be informed if there’s a fire in your house when you’re not there. But do you really need a phalanx of them?

Mentioned in this article Nest Labs Nest Protect Read TechHive's reviewMSRP $119.00See it Outfitting a typical…

If you can't handle your love handles anymore, we've got a great way to get started on the path to weight loss: EufyHome is selling the started+on+the+path+to+weight+loss%3Fascsubtag%3DUS-003-3575534-000-000000-web-20" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank" data-product-name="Eufy Smart Scale C1 " data-vars-product-name="Eufy Smart Scale C1 " data-vars-outbound-link="If you can't handle your love handles anymore, we've got a great way to get started on the path to weight loss" data-product-id="000000" data-vars-product-id="000000" data-bkmfr="Eufy" data-vars-bkmfr="Eufy" data-bkvndr="Amazon" data-vars-bkvndr="Amazon">Eufy Smart Scale C1 for $25.49path to weight loss|Amazon|Eufy Smart Scale C1 |4|Add Link">Remove non-product link, more than $10 off its $35 MSRP and the lowest price we've seen since April…

Looks like Google is finally ready to spill the beans about its revamped Chromecast streaming dongle and (Nest?) smart speaker, with the search giant sending out invitations to a September 30 press event.

Related product Google Nest Mini Read TechHive's review$49.00MSRP $49.00name="Google Nest Mini" data-vars-product-name="Google Nest Mini" data-vars-link-position-id="005" data-vars-link-position="Product Sidebar" data-po="vendor" data-product-id="1443503" data-vars-product-id="1443503" data-bkc="HomeTech" data-bkmfr="Google" data-vars-bkmfr="Google" data-bkvndr="Google" data-vars-bkvndr="Google" data-vars-outbound-link="">See iton Google “Launch Night In” is the bold headline for the invitation, which continues: “We invite you to learn all about our new Chromecast, our latest smart speaker and our new Pixel phones.” (Yes, the anticipated Pixel 5 appears…

If you're tired of pushing your vacuum around, you need to jump on today's deal. Woot is selling a brand new Robovac 11S" data-vars-outbound-link="" data-product-id="000000" data-vars-product-id="000000" data-bkmfr="Anker" data-vars-bkmfr="Anker" data-bkvndr="Woot " data-vars-bkvndr="Woot ">Anker Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S for $150link-tooltip" style="display: none;" data-removeparamvalues="Anker's Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S for $150|Anker||Woot |Anker's Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 11S|4|Add Link">Remove non-product link, good for $70 off the MSRP, and the best price we've ever seen.

We reviewed the RoboVac 11S in August 2018 giving it four out of five stars and naming it "our favorite budget-friendly robot vacuum for those looking to supplement their weekly cleanings."

As summer slowly winds to a close and the first day of remote learning remains weeks away (for many of us, anyway), it’s easy—way too easy—to let the kids go nuts on their iPads while the grown-ups toil at home. Luckily, Google Assistant has a new feature to help keep young ones from disappearing into their bean bags.

Mentioned in this article Google Nest Hub Max Read TechHive's reviewGoogle" data-vars-bkvndr="Google" data-vars-outbound-link="">$229.00MSRP $229.00feature-adds-structure-to-endless-summer-days.html&xcust=US_003_3569138_005_1443514_web" target="_blank" data-product-name="Google Nest Hub Max" data-vars-product-name="Google Nest Hub Max" data-vars-link-position-id="005" data-vars-link-position="Product Sidebar" data-po="vendor" data-product-id="1443514" data-vars-product-id="1443514" data-bkc="HomeTech" data-bkmfr="Google" data-vars-bkmfr="Google" data-bkvndr="Google" data-vars-bkvndr="Google" data-vars-outbound-link="">See iton Google Slated to roll…

Here’s the hard truth for cord-cutters right now: The ideal over-the-air DVR doesn’t exist.

While some products are better than others, all of them—from Tablo to TiVo to HDHomeRun with Plex—have at least one critical weakness. If you want to record broadcast TV channels from an antenna, you must decide which of those weaknesses you’ll tolerate.

DVR buyers cheat sheet Our quick-hit recommendations:

Best OTA DVR for most people:Nuvyyo Tablo Quad DVR Best OTA DVR for power users:Plex DVR[]The good news is that goodbye-with-these-hdtv-antennas.html">the lowly antenna is experiencing a rebirth, and we’re likely to see…

It took forever and a day to get a TCL 8-series TV in house, but the wait was absolutely worth it. Thanks to an uber granular mini-LED backlight array, the 65Q825 I tested delivers the best blacks I’ve seen from an LED-backlit LCD TV. By far. In fact, it’s closer to OLED than standard LCD in that regard.

As of this writing, this 65-inch TV was on sale at Best Buy for the ridiculous sum of $999 at Best Buy, where it’s sold exclusively. That’s a patently ridiculous price. the 65Q825 is a $1,500 TV if it’s a dime…

Whether you rent or own, you want the best security camera system for keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone. That used to entail signing on with a professional—and pricey—security service like ADT. But a boom in consumer-level smart-home tech is putting indoor and outdoor home surveillance into our own hands.

Home security camera cheat sheet Our quick-hit recommendations:

Most versatile home security camera:Arlo Pro 3 (two-pack) Best outdoor security camera:system" data-vars-product-name="Deep Sentinel home surveillance system" data-vars-link-position-id="007" data-vars-link-position="Quick Hit" data-po="amazon-ajax" data-product-id="1443179" data-vars-product-id="1443179" data-bkc="HomeTech" data-bkmfr="DeepSentinel" data-vars-bkmfr="DeepSentinel" data-bkvndr="" data-vars-bkvndr="" data-amazon-ajax-link="true" data-amazon-ajax-link-loaded="false" data-amazon-ajax-link-asin="B07BQXFS7D" data-amazon-ajax-link-subtag="US-003-2998898-007-1443179-web-20">Deep Sentinel home surveillance…


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