Tag! You’re it.

So apparently i’ve been selected to participate in yet another social media tag list. Be it for movies, books, music, paper mache receipies, or any other crap that may have influenced my glue-sniffing childhood, the same story applies. A moron decides they want to show off their vast knowledge of the aforementioned field, they create an impressive list of crap that they’ve just heard of, and ask a few more people to use google’s search engines so they find more abstract items that would make them even more interesting to their second-tier ‘public’...and so on.

The beauty of this system is in it’s propagation method: the pay-it-forward system. You can’t just stop it when you want, you have to ask a few more friends to take the shitbucket/ ALS/ tag challenge. So this way, the wave of Search-Engine Culturegoes on and one.

You can’t be less interesting than the previous tagger; perhaps you have that special someone who you want to impress with your vast knowledge of abstract painters that influenced your existence, and that you’ve definitely heard of before googling; maybe you want to show people your true profound self, reading Lev Tolstoy’s War and Peace or, while on the subject of similar titles, you want people to know your vast skills of war management through Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Maybe books aren’t your thing — but that damn tagger started a book listing. That’s no problem, you can change the challenge to your suiting: show off the vast musical culture you have by linking abstract bands that influence your daily bowel movement habits — and never forget to add a Pink Floyd album. On the other hand, at least you find out some ‘new’ titles that may seem interesting enough to skim through.

Whatever your poison is, there surely is a way to emphasize the fact that you are a guru in that field, through the use of a social media tag.

To keep to the script and finish my rant, I will, of course, take up the tag challenge bestowed upon me, but will change it to my cup of tea:

A few things that piss the crap out of me:

  1. People not understanding sarcasm — be it online or offline. I know it may be different to understand the complex uses of language, tone, gestures. I know. But one can only hope we’ve evolved from non-speaking primates. It’s been 3k years since the first proof of written language has been discovered. We had enough time to understand the basic concept, so what the hell is wrong with you people?
  2. Using social media ‘statuses’ to express your inner turmoil or your righteous opinion on everything and anything. Showing off your ‘true’ feelings on your public wall, hoping to stir up reactions from those certain friends; reactions as fake as your status.Passive aggresive social games, played in public — in lack of direct contact are the best.Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the one not to ‘play the game’ but I seriously don’t think sharing shit like this grants you more than a free pass to my Social Media Retard group.
  3. Religion. This has nothing to do with my previous rant, it just pisses me off. You see, the bible may have been the initial version of Facebook. From stories of pious life in a dirty society, to showing off righteousness in the passive-aggresive name of their gods, to the souls’ turmoil; all covered in worldwide shares and likes. Though, thinking about this a bit,I would like to see a tag about your favorite bible quotes.

That being said, I’d like to stop my tag right here and invite you to not continue it. kthxb

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