A meaning in life…

When I think about what the ultimate goal of being a human being is I often come to the conclusion that the goal is to be remembered. If you reject the possiblility of an after life, then the goal is to be remembered for as long as can be. People that have a great number of children, this is ultimately their goal. Each of their offspring is going to remember them, in one way or another, and each of their offspring will remember them in turn.

That maybe why we write poetry, stories, and letters, why we create movies, television series’, and post videos on YouTube. We want to share our existence in order to feel as though we matter and will matter in the future for as long as we possibly can.

If this is the case, what is the reason for it? Is this a factor of a life design? When you think about what the reason is for this egocentric life, the reason to require you mean something more than everyone else on the planet, what is the goal?

My feeling is that we are hardwired to extend knowledge beyond our lifetime. We try so desperately to be remembered in order to advance our species. We are an organism that strives to learn about it’s environment, it’s origins, it’s surroundings, and why it was created in the first place. “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” — Carl Sagan.

We are like the firing of neurons energized within a brain that is attempting to understand what it is. When it comes to that, does this mean that each of our selfish drives to be remembered personally is actually counter productive of our species goal? We are the current reigning species of this planet, isn’t it our responsibility to keep moving forward in order to achieve the great answers to the questions that most baffle us?

If that is our ultimate goal, to find answers, then isn’t the amassing of resources, wealth, and manipulating the greater portion of our populace with religion that makes them feel safe not moving forward in our scientific mission, more than a little counterproductive?

I have often thought that atheists are being elitest, argumentative, and petty when they challenge the beliefs of others. As long as there are not hurting others then really, what’s the big deal?

Then I see that there are entire countries that hold religious values at heart to keep the overall populace in a kind of scientific stasis. Many religions wish to hold back half of our species from equality because they happen to be born into a gender that, for the time, is unpopular. Many religions want to keep a portion of our people in a sencondary statis because they are attracted to the same gender, or they were born into the wrong gender for their mind, feeling locked and alienated within their own bodies. Many religions also condemn scientific explainations for things that their religion gives credit solely to a deity and damn those attempting to seek out the truth as blasphemers.

Personally, now I can see why an atheist would attack and condemn religious orders for their part in keeping our society hobbled to progress as slowly as possible. If our goal as a species is to understand the great answers, to allow a major part of that species to justify ignorance, to stagnate our development beyond our current understanding, is criminal. It’s selfish to say the least and catastrophic to say the most.

I’m really not sure what I want you to take away from this. I am not an atheist, nor am I a member of the popular religions. That being said, I embrace all science and find that we need to allow scientific advancement to lead us into the future. I don’t personally see a reason why someone cannot have “an imaginary friend” and still be productive in our species long term goal of greater enlightenment, not just within one’s self but in the bigger questions of Why us? Why are we? And Why are we here?

To find something in your life that makes you feel like it has meaning is an amazing and rewarding thing, but to keep others from finding that same thing on their own, that just seems monstrously selfish. Your truth may not be the truth that others are looking for, and as a species, we really need to be okay with that. We need to be able to live in harmony with the rest of our planet. Each of the things here were development for a reason, like a body in equilibrium.

The planet is attempting to understand itself, we are part of that overall function. Each piece of this puzzle was developed from evolution in order to best achieve the goal.

Our planet has become sick. What if you were to think about this like a human body, and look at why would would become sick? What if humans have deviated so radically from their function that they have become a vestigial organism? What if the planet has an infection from how off base we have developed and now it is attempting to rid itself of us before it is cut away from the solar system as a failed organ as well?

Just a little food for thought. Or flaming, mocking, whatever.