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This post is part of a series on an endless journey to intimately explore, record findings and provide actionable insights to products that seek to reach the hearts and minds of users globally. In this installment I present REX, the mobile app that allows you to share recommendations to friends. To set the tone of the post it’s important to share the following vision from the creators of the product Chris Smith and Ashley Lent Levinson on the problem they intend solve:

At REX, we think the best recommendations come from people you trust.

That’s why we built our iOS app to be the easiest way to connect with friends to share your favorite movies, music, books, TV shows, videos, restaurants, bars, travel destinations, and anything else you like. …

Wise women and men have often said in life imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is very evident in this latest Fortune article by Matthew Ingram where both Snapchat and Facebook aim to appeal to alternative user segments by gaining “inspiration” from their product offerings. Interesting read and something to pay attention to as these products evolve in the future.

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For those that choose to live a purpose driven life, REBOOT’s podcast episode #41 Are You Afraid of Your Own Power? breaks down the distribution of wealth and the socioeconomic factors that influence the level of access to capital one has throughout their life. The ability to distribute wealth and stimulate economy in your own community by your own accord is true display of power in which has generational net effects on society.

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One of the key tenants of the podcast discusses race playing a key role in wealth creation and sustainable across generations. In addition, there was a call to action to take responsibility for issues occurring in and around our communities. The mere fact that we’ve identified issues and discuss the injustices of people of color isn’t good enough anymore. We have more access to information and resources than ever before. From access to 1) investment portfolios, 2) technology frameworks to build web/mobile apps and 3) online media that disseminate information globally we’re posed to make a difference and change the course of history. …


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