Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

Posted by: techintuitions on 13 December 2012

“Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication” a quote made famous by the late great Steve Jobs during an early Mac campaign indicated the essence of truly great software for the end user. This quote can also be applied to the latest app to hit the iTunes App Store (wait for it……..) GOOGLE MAPS. There has been much backlash for longtime Apple supporters about the Maps application unveiling for the iOS v6 operating system due to its lacks of accuracy and overall functionality . Although Apple made huge strides by developing an in-house version of a Maps application it has left Apple faithful more to be desired with a product that doesn’t adhere to the demands of the navigation services needed by its user base. In comes Google Maps which provides a rich and simple UI enabling the user with sophisticated navigation capabilities leveraging what has made Google the entity on top of the search mountain. With the text search bar, users will have access to venue locations, distance, turn by turn direction, reviews by Zagat and photos. The performance and intuitive content of the app makes it truly a game changer and should serve a baseline of how mapping software on mobile devices can be designed.

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