Process Blog-Charrette

What is the Charrete Process? In my User-Centered Design Workshop I learned a lot about making people a first priority. I was navigated towards thinking about the available technologies and what design would be necessary so that interaction with the user would be easy. The activity for this workshop was a charrette. This is a fast intense design activity and here I was able to see human centered design practices, called user-centered design. Everyone in the workshop worked in groups and each workshop was assigned a crazy scenario. Everyone contributed their ideas and solutions, I was greatly engaged as it almost seemed like sparks were generated everywhere. In the end we presented and reflected.

The Charrette Experience

What did we do? In the process we covered users, activities, interactions, presentation and reflection. Users, each person in a group used Posts-Its to brainstorm as many users and vehicles. There was one catch, to make the ideas as creative as possible like choosing a baby and a motorcycle. Then grouping everyones ideas in a white board. This was really fun to do and had me thinking of ideas outside the box. Interactions, after each group was assigned an idea, everyone had a chance to make up a scenario and then coming up with user interface solutions. This was the part I enjoyed the most, I was able to implement and contribute my ideas, as well as I had to think about the user at all times. Some questions that were raised were: how would the user use the technology, what technology would we implemented, how do we make it easier to use, what outside factors would we have to consider? I had to really think was would be best for the user. In my case my group was given a blind person in a motorcycle driving to get groceries The first encounter my group had was how do we build a easy to use interface? How about how would the person drive? We brainstormed ideas and came up with voice recognition system. We implemented easy voice commands. As for the driving, we came up with self-driving vehicle, this would use available maps via Google would drive by itself.

What did I liked? What I liked most about this project was that I had the opportunity to experience the Human Centered and Design practice. Putting people first and designing was the best parts of the activity. If I would of had more time I would of really liked to consider more problems the user would have. I would of also really liked to make a more detailed design and provide more options to the user.

What are the applications? I would see this technique being used to develop technologies for resource-constrained environments. This is really important and would make a huge impact to vulnerable populations. I could see implementing the designs to create technologies that would serve a user who has never used technology. I could also see the development of simple technologies that would help someone on their daily lives, like an app. I would feel that projects designing internal components that would make piece of equipment more efficient would not lend themselves to this approach.