What To Learn Part 1

Through out my journey’s in to the deepest corners of the inter webs, I always find the same question time and time again “What Should I learn” and “Where Should I learn It”. Now, if you’re an aspiring developer, programmer, coder, hacker, or any of the related, you face this problem daily. For some the answer is as simple as forking over 20 grand and going to a coding bootcamp for 3–6 months, for others its spending a couple bucks here and there on books and online course and getting internships, for others its 4 years, a hundred thousand dollars in debt, and a nifty piece of paper. But here’s my twist so I can stop putting an answer every time I see the Question.

“What Do You Want To Learn?”

Well sadly, I can’t answer this for you, what I can do is narrow it down. Lets see we have :

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • Full Stack
  • UI/UX
  • AI
  • Data Science
  • Mobile(Android and IOS)

Just to name a few, any sound appealing? Yes? No? Alright lets move on.

“What Should I learn For X and Y?”

This is always a fun one. I’m only going to focus on the Front/Back/Full and Mobile because those are my areas of knowledge. Data science, google it, it usually involves python.

So You Choose Front End?

That’s easy enough, you’re going to need to know HTML/CSS JavaScript, and jQuery as bare minimums. I’d also recommend going and learning something such as SASS and Angular/BackBone/Ember/React(JavaScript Frameworks).

Ahh, Back End Is what you seek

Well you have between two and ten choices. Back End, you’ll need a language, I personally prefer Ruby on Rails. But there’s PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Node, and several others. You’ll also need to know a database, SQL, NO SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Honestly there are more choices then I care to list. You should also be familiar with linux, and some server stuff, just in case you break anything.

You want to be a show off and go Full Stack

Well surprise, you need to do the same thing as both parties above. I hope you enjoy, It’s a long stretch(make sure you choose things that work together IE node and MongoDB)

You want be unique and do your own thing on mobile

You my good sir, have the most interesting job of all. You need to only learn on simple thing to make your life bountiful, Java. Or Swift. Or Objective C. Or Ruby. Yes Ruby. There’s a compiler for you to program IOS Apps in Ruby. Anyways, you need several things. Java is android, Objective C and swift are both IOS. But you can also make mobile apps with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Remember you wanted this. You’ll also need to learn their respected IDE’s. For android you’ll need Android Studio, for IOS X-code.

This is only part 1, I wouldn’t put all this information out there and then not include the resources to go learn them all! Stay tuned for more!

Enjoy :)

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