Why Every Writer Needs A Writing Mentor

Hey Trevor,

Thanks for the great questions. I’ll say this, no one likes to have their work criticized — even when criticism makes it better. One of the qualifications on the job posting was “must have thick skin.” It’s important to remember that the person you show your work to is trying to help you make it better. For this reason it’s critical that you choose someone you trust, but that will also tell you the truth.

A good editor doesn’t edit out your voice, they help your voice come through. Sometimes it’s a change in word choice, other times it’s a paragraph that is unclear. I try to always remember that if my writing confuses the reader then I haven’t done my job. The best writing is truly a collaboration between the writer, the editor and the reader.

That being said, your style is your own. My writing voice is different than Charlie’s and that’s to be expected. He helps me become the best version of myself, not a clone of his. You’ll know you’ve found the right mentor when you share your work and they help you make it better without belittling your work. Be honest with them and ask for honesty in return. It may be a little painful along the way but the final result with be worth the effort.

Thanks for reading!

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