Basic Notable Cosmos Resources

Jesse Livermore
Feb 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Exponentially now there’s a lot of very notable news and info stacking up about Tendermint/Cosmos, yet little continual dissemination to the Crypto community at large. For a completely under the radar project like Cosmos a lot of their noteworthy news items come in the form of little ‘micro bits’ of news and very little of that news ever makes it to the average Crypto enthusiast.

Hence I’ve done my best to keep useful resources and sources of as much as possible here. Disclaimer: I am not employed by, or affiliated in any way with, Cosmos but will be staking Atoms when they launch.

Cosmos/Tendermint Basics

Notable Ethereum Projects Looking to use Cosmos’ Ethermint Zone as a Scaling Solution

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“The blockchain we are most interested in supporting next is Ethermint”

Cosmos is Helping to Develop Ethereum’s Plasma

This seems to be completely lost by most in the Ethereum community (or, at least on r/ethereum and r/ethtrader) but the Cosmos team is playing an integral part in developing Ethereum’s Plasma.

  • Plasma Implementers Call #1, including numerous Cosmos Devs (Jae, Ethan, Adrian among others)
  • Plasma Implementers Call #2, including Jae and Adrian
  • The beginnings of Cosmos’ Plasma repo

Notable Cosmos Mentions (and/or holders)

Cosmos and Cosmos’ Ethermint has seen a steady trickle of notable mentions from those of various backgrounds:

  • Edit (new): Mike Novogratz apparently bought into Cosmos as he mentions here at a conference (26:50):
  • Dan Tapscott (Blockchain Research Institute) Tweeted about it here. Photo here (in case of deletion):
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  • Nick Tomaino (of 1confirmation) and Chris Dixon (of a16z) spoke of it in their podcast here (at about 20:50)
  • Bryan Kelly (BK Capital) spoke of it on CNBC here (with an awesome 90’s internet metaphor about how it’s basically helping AOL email talk to Yahoo email) and before that appearance he mentioned ownership here.
  • Ari Paul last summer in 2017 mentioned having bought into the ICO.
  • Arthur Breitman of Tezos, in the CoinFund Slack (archives), said that he missed the Cosmos crowdsale because he slept in and Cosmos was the “only ICO [he] wanted to contribute to”.
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Arthur Breitman (‘arthurb’) on CoinFund’s Slack

Other Interesting or Notable Miscellaneous Items

Other Notable Tendermint Projects

Based on the Ecosystem page the major projects, besides Cosmos are:

  • Hyperledger’s Burrow created by Monax
  • FXCH Forex Clearing House: “the first institutional spot foreign exchange clearing house to operate on blockchain technology” per FXWeek.
  • BigChainDB has recently moved more so to using Tendermint over MongoDB. They have integrated Tendermint previously.
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