Notable Quotes from the Validator Briefs

Given that mainnet launch is tomorrow I’ve put together a compilation of what I’ve found to be the best quotes from these Validators in the 12 Briefs so far.

Put together you get a good idea on the challenges ahead, as well as the sheer potential of the Cosmos project (and in blockchain in general):

me: “this moment, pre-mainnet launch, could very well be the one and only time in Cosmos’ history that these independent validators really make up the bulk of Cosmos’ validator group.”

Certus One (#1 Brief): “We see the biggest challenge in new zones having a hard time onboarding enough quality validators to make their chain sufficiently secure.”

Cypher Core (#2): “Will the people who participated in Cosmos’ fundraiser be able to match the same level of operational maturity as current testnet validators to keep the network secure and stable?”

Chorus One (#3): “Within three years, blockchain infrastructure will have matured to the point where it can support applications with millions of users. I also suspect we will see the first applications reaching that scale then.”

“I think there will be another bubble, but one that is actually driven by the beginnings of mainstream adoption.”

“I also expect that we will see Cosmos take off. I think we’ll have at least 100 live chains then built on Tendermint/Cosmos, but it could easily be 1000+ as well.”

“The biggest challenge will be governance. For the project to really succeed, the community needs to start driving progress. Development needs to become decentralized. My ideal scenario is that people start making improvement proposals via governance and the hub directly starts funding that. My vision is for Cosmos to become a proper DAO. “

Validator.Network (#4): “Cosmos must convince developers to join the ecosystem and build their applications for it.”

BHarvest (#5): “we believe most organizations will not use exist blockchain but rather will build each of their own blockchain”

Cryptium Labs (#6): “We will most likely see derivatives being built on top of PoS tokens.”

“Cosmos won’t be particularly interesting at launch and it will need continuous development in order to make it very appealing. I think as a community we have to focus on growing the amount of developers that are looking at the core protocol.”

Dokia Capital (#7): “One thing is for sure, once we achieve scalability and high throughput, mass adoption will occur and the level of tokenisation of assets or even skills, will be sky high.”

“We are worried about individuals that can get their hands on ATOMs in illegal ways and then delegating those “dirty atoms” to us.”

Figment Networks (#8): “For projects that are not trying to be a money or store of value, like Cosmos, it seems that the success of these applications is crucial to the underlying network. Similar to how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is successful/valuable because of the applications built on top of it.”

“Elinor Ostrom’s work on group governance suggests that empowering small groups with governance tools may be superior to top down “planned economies” that many blockchains resemble today.”

Forbole (#9): “Unlike most other blockchain projects in China, IRISnet is so low-profile that seldom people know they have closed a $20M private sale exactly one year ago. They focus on the real stuff. They deliver. I believe IRISnet is one of the very few blockchain teams who can tap the vast market in China.”

“A lot of user behaviors on the internet will be tokenized. People will ask for economic reward according to their effort spent on a particular project.”

“The vision of Cosmos is revolutionary. And I agree that application developers are the key to bring blockchain to end users. They have built the SDK, the Cosmos Hub. Now it’s the time to make better education to app developers and UX designers.”

Z-Take (#10): “Long-term the challenges are same as other prominent projects: avoid uncertainty around dev team, achieve scaling, roll out competitive smart contract functionality (Ethermint).”

bitfish (#11): “The biggest challenge for Cosmos will be for the community to agree on rules for governance[…] It’s entirely possible that a small number of whales take majority control of a network. What is the threshold where we ring the alarms on some of these big whales? How should we react as a community in response to this situation?”

Bliss Dynamics (#12): “If done correctly, most people won’t even know they are interacting with blockchains. In fact, evidence of this is already starting to appear.”

“ Misunderstandings, preconceptions and making assumptions in the absence of hard evidence are a part of many day to day issues we encounter. The Cosmos Project will face issues like this on so many levels, however managing effective communication with the wider community during the inevitable challenges (and successes) of the development of this ecosystem is likely to be the biggest challenge this project will face.”