I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

Chaédria, there are no doubt brutal, racist police officers out there, as the recent string of videotaped incidents in this nation make crystal clear — and I am thankful for the increased exposure of bad cops. But this video doesn’t show such men. Instead, it shows a few officers holding down a seemingly homeless man who is resisting them (for an unknown reason) and a handful of other officers trying to guard against an escalation of the broader scene — a scene which includes a woman telling the officers, “Y’all are absolute pigs,” and a man shouting, “Next time you guys see your moms, slap that fucking bitch in the fucking mouth for having y’all!” (Incidentally, in response to the latter comment, it sounds like you chuckling. I hope that is not the case.)

Given the lack of info about the situation, I just don’t understand why you are writing such a scathing criticism here? By your own admission, you have no definite idea of what happened before you arrived and no definite idea of why the authorities took him to the hospital afterward. But you speak with such certainty about the situation, which includes what you deem to be the injustice of holding down a man with a prosthetic leg — as if having only one leg makes someone a complete invalid, worthy of pity. (Oddly enough, I imagine a lot of people would find that offensive.) At one point in the video you tell the officers, “People know that y’all are terrible at your jobs.” I don’t know that, and I think given the evidence, you don’t either.

I imagine SF has its share of power-hungry cops, and I hope they are rooted out, as they ought to be in every city across America. But I also hope that our nation doesn’t stop feeling a deep appreciation for the good officers out there, those great men and women who risk their lives to protect ours.