Kristine [narrative 2]
Edmee Statia


And I know your name

’Cause everybody in here knows your name

And you’re not looking for anything right now

So I don’t wanna come on strong

Don’t get me wrong.

Hunt, Sam. “Montevallo” Take your time. Universal, 2014. MP3

It’s her day, Kristine turns 24 today. I have been trying to get a moment alone with her,[p] before her ex-boyfriend shows up[p] with no such luck. Kristine and I have been best friends since we were 15[p] but I had to relocate with my family because my father got a better work[v- I think ‘job’ would work better] opportunity. Now[p] 9 years later[p] my family and I are back into[v] town and I immediately get invited to her party by her mom[p] who is my mom’s best friend.

At school I was told by my old friends that she was going thru[v] a tough time because of her break up. For those same reasons I can’t tell her yet how I felt[g- he still feels this way so you can’t use the past tense] about her all these years. I have been here for an hour drinking beer trying to get the courage to approach her again. Right before midnight when the part[v] has died down a little, she walks past me and I grab her soft hand in mine and make her stop. She looks me right in the eye and I tell her “your[p-Capital] eye’[p]s are so intimidating.”

Startled she lets go of my hand[p] but I have her attention. I step closer and whisper to her “I know we don’t know each other anymore[p] but I would like to be friends again.” With a smile on her face she nodes her head and takes my hand back so we can shake on it. Relieved that she wants to at least be friends[p] I ask her out for coffee the next morning so that we can catch up, to which she answers “sure[p-Capital]] thing, 10:00 ok with you?” with[p-Start a new sentence]the biggest smile I can manage[p] I agree and let her go because one her friends came over to save her.

Kristine hasn’t even taken 2 steps away from me when I almost fall face first to the floor because someone roughly shoved me to the side. I catch myself in time so I don’t embarrassed[g] myself. As soon as I right myself I see Kristine hit the guy who shoved me on the arm and ask him what he was doing here at her party. Kristine and I must have been so engrossed with each other that we didn’t even notice that her ex-boyfriend had arrived. I stepped in between Kristine and the guy[p] who’s name I still didn’t known[p] and told him “calm[p-Capital]] down, it’s her night we don’t want to cause a scene.” He told me to shut up and to get out of his face so he could talk to his girlfriend and wish her a happy birthday.

The whole situation was defused when Glen,[p] grabbed the guy by the arm and started pushing him towards the exit. He started to protest but the look on Kristine’s father’s face must have told him that he was not in the mood to play games because he shut up and as calm as he could, he walked out with Glen as an escort. I turned around to apologize to Kristine only to find her crying in her best friend’s arms.

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