Working Capital Business Loans for Construction Businesses

There is a saying that a business can never have too much cash. Being liquid and flush with cash is never a bad thing for a business. I think we all learned from the pandemic that it never hurts to have too much cash available, especially if you have a business. By definition, working capital is “the capital of a business which is used in its day-to-day trading operations, calculated as the current assets minus the current liabilities”. Free liquid cash on hand keeps a business operating healthy and typically allows for a business to maintain it’s overall strength. Positive working capital is the goal of any business and is always top of mind for day to day cash flow and operations.

Working capital also helps business owners take advantage of fast and readily opportunities within the business, such as revenue generating and growing opportunities. We have noticed over the years that the majority of our clients borrow funds for working capital, to help with cash flow and general operations of the business. Sometimes businesses run into situations where cash runs tight and the business needs a quick and easy injection of working capital. Or the business owner needs to act fast to take advantage of an opportunity within the business. Whether it’s to fulfill a new contract, finish multiple jobs, cover an expected payroll, hire more staff, purchase inventory at a discount, buy equipment fast or for any other reason that is urgent. We provide fast business loans and lines of credit for manufacturing, cannabis and construction businesses. Most of our clients who get approved are funded within 1–2 business days.

If you need a working capital business loan for your construction business, we can help you.

Please contact us at 1–888–805–1394 or to speak with a Business Funding Advisor. #WeFundBusinesses

By Jessica Kramden



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