Lightopia and Jeongmoon Choi

Last week I went to this amazing exposition in the museum Marco. There were these two expositions: Lightopia and Jeongmoon Choi, both similar but still completely different in terms of perspective. This whole experience was amazing, being able to see these pieces of art in person is something that cannot be expressed fully through words. I first decided to go to Jeongmoon Choi since it was closer to the entrance, getting there was amazing, as I entered the exposition I could see a small piece of art which had nothing to do with light, but still had this amazing characteristic of being completely difficult in terms of process, after I saw this I knew I was going to see pieces of art completely difficult, and so it was. The continuation led to a dark room where everything took life. The whole experience of this exposition was in darkness so you could see the manifestation of the light in simple strings which were transformed in difficult figures. The expositions also let you walk under some pieces of art so you could see the whole sculpture from different perspectives. Next, I went to Lightopia, were the entrance was also a dark room, except this one had more physical elements in it, you could find in it balloons, bulbs and all kind of things which were in the daily life, except these were illuminated, making the whole experience amazing.

I am not certain of which exposition I liked best, since both had their own elements, but if I had to choose, I might go with Jeongmoon Choi’s exposition. I felt as if a simple element, such as string transforming into an amazing sculpture and structure which you can interact with is simply amazing. The simplicity of it is gorgeous and being able to also watch the whole process of the making of a simple sculpture was a great addition to the exposition.

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