“Typography is painting with words”- Paula Scher

Paula Scher is a graphic designer. During the episode, she mentions certain techniques that she uses, which she really likes to teach to her group. She works at “Pentagram” a design cooperative, where she says is different from a large business, where at the same time everybody can make their own design and get feedback easily. She is constantly moving and creating innovative ideas, whereas the same time she is constantly helping her colleagues.

In this episode of Abstract you can clearly see the potential and the influence, that a text designed in a certain way, has on people. Typography creates an identity to a place, a product, including a person; this is what makes typography something interesting and fascinating. Listening to her words and analyzing what she said helped me enhance the idea that I had about typography, seeing it the way that Paula Scher sees it changes the perspective of anybody on the importance of balance on color, weight, height, size, and design of typography.

She speaks about how modifying simple things on any letter can have an enormous impact on how we see the text, making us create this image of either fancy-ish, or funish kind of text. Now, combining a kind of text with a certain background or ay picture will definitely have a more direct impact with the public. Paula Scher said she started working on the creation of record covers, where she started combining images with texts that would either assimilate or contrast with the picture. After that she got a boom and started getting bigger and more popular with her unique graphic design voice.

Later on the episode, she talks about Seymour Chwast, Paula’s husband, and the impact that he had on her. After her husband created Push Pin Studios and decided to use a technique which combined pop colors and intellectual thinking, she said that she could really comprehend that typography has spirit, and that it didn’t had to be something mechanic.

Paula Scher is a really inspirational person, the way that she speaks about how she designs and the ideas that she has created over her career is something really fascinating. I learned a lot about the different techniques and the innumerable choices that can be made to make an infinite number of designs. After seeing this episode of Abstract, I really got my mind more open, it changed the perspective that I had about the importance and the impact that typography has in the daily life. Paula Scher really gave me a complete new idea of what typography is and this episode really helps on describing this idea.

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