Ideas for Business: is Blogging a Real Career?

Blogging has become a trend so far. Lots of people are involved into it both on a part-time and full-time basis. Still myriads of blind prejudices surround this type of activity. How many times did you actually hear that blogging “isn’t a real job”?

Most of the successful bloggers confess that they were full of doubts whether to take up blogging or not. Some of them felt uncomfortable with the idea they had to share their thoughts with audience. Some of them hesitated about quitting their daily jobs to devote more time to blog.

To clear all your doubts away, here’s a list of facts proving that blogging is just the same as any other career.

  1. Blogging takes much time like any other job

You don’t have to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but still you need to devote plenty of time to create a blog of your dream. It’s in your hands: the more you do, the more you have. Perhaps, blogging seems to be quite an ideal work, but it’s just the first impression which is wrong.

Yes, you have really much to do. And writing is just a small part of the whole process. Before blog posts creation you need to learn how the blog platform functions, create the blog itself, search for photo stocks or learn to create them on your own, monitor topics that can be of interest to your audience, draw up a content plan, write a list of future topics you’re going to cover…
And it’s not a full list yet.

2. Successful blogging business brings income too

Of course you cannot start enjoying profits right after you click the Post button of your first blog entry. It takes some time (from a few months to a few years) to receive at least the smallest income.

According to survey of 2012, where 1,000 bloggers took part, only 8 percent of them earned enough and were able to support their families with this money; 81 percent never made $100 from blogging.

People wonder how blogging business works. You design a blog, create some content… What’s next? When the earning time comes? Here’s what a highly experienced blogger Amy Lynn Andrews recommends doing:
− Advertise (place banners, write reviews for the products you promote);
− Participate in an affiliate program related to your blog topics (include a link to the product you promote into your blog entries, and earn some commissions when your readers follow this unique affiliate link and buy the product);
− Sell products or services (you can deal both with digital and physical products; if you’re a writer, it’s easy to let the world know about your brand new book thanks to the blog).

3. You have a boss, this boss is you

It’s time to combine two roles at a time — the role of a boss and an employee. Pretending you are too overloaded with work is not in your interests. You are obliged to fulfill all the tasks diligently.

If you are too pressed for time, you can ask for freelancers’ help and if your blog keeps on booming, you can hire an entire team of helpers: designers, proofreaders, social media managers, or content writers. Professional help will definitely push your blog to the next level. Provided you are ready to spend some money for this.

4. You develop your skills on a continuous basis

The more you work, the more you upgrade skills. Just choose the right learning strategy: reading additional resources, some audio- and video-lessons and manuals to hone your blogging skills, learning from your own mistakes or successful bloggers’ experience, since they started their blogging career just like you’re trying to do it now, etc.

Whatever you blog about, it’s crucially important to keep your blogging content unique. For this reason bloggers usually resort to plagiarism checkers, e.g. Unplag. Anti-plagiarism tools save Internet users from content theft and copyright infringement, and it’s good for bloggers to check their content originality before posting.

Still have doubts regarding blogging as a real business? Please join the discussion and share your opinions in the comments below.

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