There is a common misconception that having an offshore company means that you are doing something illegal. The truth is that having an offshore company can benefit your business in a number of very legal ways. If you are looking at offshore company formation, there are a number of tips that you need to know about. These tips will ensure that the offshore company formation process works for you.

Have a List of Questions

The first tip that you need to know about is to have a list of questions ready which are related to your business. These questions should…

Bruke skjønnheten av kunstverk på kontoret eller eid bygningen kan tiltrekke seg mange positive følelser. Det kan virkelig legge til tilfredsstillelse av dine ansatte, besøkende og kunder. Dette er også for det formål å forbedre bedriftens kultur ved hjelp av kunstverk. Denne spesifikke er ikke bare for store selskaper, fordi hver og en bedrift må ha en god bedriftskultur.

Som bedriftseier bør du starte noen endringer i kontor designen hvis den føles tom eller kjedelig. Sørg for å sette “velge gode kunstverk for kontoret” på din gjøremålsliste. Se til at hver brikke kan tegne en positiv følelse. Du kan begynne…

Tokyo Consulting Group Can Help Your Company with Filing Tax Returns in Japan

When setting up business abroad, it is crucial to be aware of how tax laws vary for each country. Japanese labor and tax laws are quite cumbersome, and their level of complexity is even greater for foreign companies. Mistakes are costly, and filing an incorrect tax return in Japan can dramatically increase tax return amounts, and lead to fines and penalties.

For foreign businesses in Japan, there are numerous tax returns to file, and figuring which returns are to be filed — and how — can be…

Het plannen van een vakantie omvat het selecteren van uw bestemming, een verblijfplaats en een transportservice die u de plaatsen in uw reisroute krijgt. Je moet extra voorzichtig zijn en aandacht besteden aan alles, zodat je ooit een gedenkwaardige vakantie kunt hebben. Het eerste wat u moet beslissen, zijn de plaatsen die u graag wilt bezoeken en de activiteiten die u wilt doen. Kies plaatsen die u kunnen helpen ontspannen en uw werkverbintenissen vergeten.

De volgende te overwegen is de accommodatie. Zorg ervoor dat u een comfortabele plek voor uw verblijf reserveert en natuurlijk binnen uw budget. Doe wat online…

Honoring the best in broadcast, documentary and online reporting for 75 years.


The duPont-Columbia Awards uphold the highest standards in journalism by honoring winners annually at cathay dupont awards, informing the public about those journalists’ contributions and supporting journalism education and innovation, thereby cultivating a collective spirit for the profession.

How to Enter

At a Glance

We encourage the submission of daily news stories and breaking news coverage as well as feature stories, documentaries and interactive multimedia reporting on critical subjects. You may submit a series of related reports or selections from a correspondent’s…

Taxi’s zijn de meest populaire vervoerswijze die in onze maatschappij een enorme erkenning en belangstelling heeft gekregen. Of u nu transfer nodig hebt of gewoon voor een boodschappentje gaat, als u een taxi wilt boeken, is een handige vervoerswijze om de stad te krijgen.

Met de ontwikkeling van smartphones en diverse geïntegreerde technologieën, neemt Tokyo MK Taxi de voordelen van mobiele applicaties op. Mobiele appintegratie voor de taxibedrijf creëert ongetwijfeld een grote impact en voordelen voor zowel het bedrijf als zijn klanten. …

GALVESTON, TX — Two people have been indicted by a Galveston County Grand Jury on charges related to cyberbullying and the suicide of 18-year old Brandy Vela in November 2016.

Vela, who was a senior and Texas City High School, had complained to her family of online torment and harassment through threatening phone calls and fake online social media accounts.

On Nov. 29, the weekend after Thanksgiving, Vela stood in her bedroom with a handgun pressed to her chest, and pulled the trigger as her family pleaded with her to put the gun down.

She died on her way to…

We meet at our office/garage in Akihabara. It is only a 3-minute walk from JR Akihabara train station. We will give you detailed directions after you book a tour. You can access Akihabara easily by JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, or Sobu Line. Akihabara is a world-famous district in central Tokyo with hundreds of electric and anime-goods shops — it is a good place to spend time after the tour finishes.

Directions to Our Office/Garage

Take the JR Line (Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, or Sobu Line) and get off at Akihabara. Follow directions for Central Gate (中央口).

Exit the station…

We planned our tours for years. However we experienced the big earthquake in 2011 and had to postpone the plan. Now we are very glad to introduce our tours to you.

Based on our guide experience, we chose a lot of nice places that you cannot visit on big group bus tours. Since we are local professional guides, we always give you updated information.

All our guides passed national guide test and hold the national guide certificate. We are acknowledged by Japan Tourism Agency and the quality of service is ensured by the government. Sadly, there are some illegal guides who try to prey on tourists. Please ask your guide to show their guide certificate every time you join a tour. Please check Japan Tourism Agency site for detail.

We’ve talked about the post-post-crisis era as one that is neither risk-off (a period like the financial crisis, when investors shun riskier assets) nor risk-on (a period like the post-crisis period, which we define from March 2009 through November 2014, when investors embrace riskier assets). In a post-post-crisis landscape, markets have a mixed outlook, in which growth is uneven and interest rates remain low.

The Taper Tantrum vs. the Recent Rise in Yields

In 2013, the “Taper Tantrum” occurred when the market learned that the US Federal Reserve planned to wind down its quantitative easing program — signaling the end…

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