People Who Don’t Deserve Your Time

Don’t waste a minute more on them than you already have to.

Jessica Wildfire
May 13 · 6 min read

People Who Trivialize Your Experience.

They always know more than everyone else. They’ve lived through everything. And their sob story trumps yours. Their ideas are the best. They don’t want to learn new things. They want to teach everyone else.

People Who Want to be Offended.

When you’re offended, you feel good about yourself. Moral and righteous. And you allow yourself to judge someone else. Expressing offense takes almost no effort. You insult someone, and you’re done. It feels downright productive, expressing your views on something.

People Who Shun Self-Awareness.

This category probably contains all the other people who aren’t worth your time. Some of humanity simply can’t help it. They don’t have the genes for self-awareness, and you can’t judge them too harshly. As someone on the spectrum, I remember the struggle to learn how my words and actions affected other people.

People Who Won’t Teach Themselves.

Some people with perfectly good brains don’t use them. They ask for the same help and advice over and over. In their view, everything you know was spoon fed to you by someone else. Will you please show them how to use Dropbox again? You owe them, for some reason.

People Who Make Everything a Crisis.

Real problems demand a calm approach, and a level head. That’s a duh fact for many of us. But we all know someone or three who isn’t dealing with their real problems. They’re freaking out over something insignificant. They enjoy the spectacle of their own meltdowns.

People Who Break Their Promises.

None of us can keep every promise we make. It’s cool. But some love to make promises they have no intention of keeping. They don’t make promises out of a need to help others. They make promises because it makes them feel powerful. They pronounce their promises, often in front of other people. They’ll spend hours bragging about all the people they’ve helped.

People Who Don’t Have Time for You.

Sure, we all get busy. We move. We lose touch. We make plans that fall through. A normal person makes some effort to reconnect.

People Who Aren’t Happy for You.

This lot might even include family, and people you mistook for friends. Sure, it can hurt. One of my friends spent weeks complaining about why her mom never congratulated her on anything. Finally, she realized — like I did. It doesn’t matter that much.

People Who Actually Deserve Your Time.

Anyone you enjoy talking to. Anyone you admire. Anyone you can learn something from. Anyone who respects you.

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