You can do marriage your way

Your marriage doesn’t have to play by other people’s rules

Jessica Wildfire
Apr 5, 2018 · 5 min read
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You can be your own person

Old school norms prescribe an entirely different lifestyle. Newlyweds are supposed to watch all the same shows. Meld their social groups. Always sleep in the same bed. Actually, not just in the same bed. They’re supposed to spoon constantly.

You can sleep in separate beds

We tried for a while to share a bed. It made me want to murder him. That’s the least successful method of divorce, btw.

You can eat at different times

A family that eats together stays together. Bullshit. These days, couples have different schedules. You get hungry at different times. You might even have different diets or food preferences.

You can keep your own bank account

A joint checking account makes sense sometimes. We have one. Both of us put money into it to cover repairs, big trips, and other expenses. But we’ve kept our own accounts.

You can have your own hobbies

My spouse likes puzzles. I don’t. But we both like a lot of the same TV shows. So we can watch Netflix together. He’ll work on his puzzles. I’ll tweet. We’ll talk and make jokes.

A newlywed lifestyle

Some people might feel a sense of despair now. So I’ve taken away joint bank accounts. Shared beds. Couple selfies. What’s left?

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