Masculinity isn’t about “scoring chicks.”

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There’s something that still surprises me, even though it shouldn’t: An attractive woman pursues a man.

He rejects her.

He’s polite, but firm. She takes the hint.

Every time it happens I go, “Did I really just watch that?”

I’ve seen it at coffee shops, bars, parties, you name it. This goes against everything I was ever taught about dating and relationships. To be honest, it’s rare. I don’t see it that often. Maybe I should.

Maybe one key to better dating is for more men to feel like they don’t need to date or sleep with attractive women to prove their masculinity. …

They had other reasons.

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He was gorgeous.

We met at a teachers’ conference. I couldn’t stop looking at him. Eventually, he came over to my table during lunch. We started talking. We got coffee. We exchanged numbers. We hugged goodbye.

Unfortunately, we lived a few hours apart.

We texted constantly for a week. I made plans to see him one weekend. It was on the way back from a job interview. We were going to do dinner and maybe a drink. I couldn’t wait.

The day of, I canceled.

I left him a voicemail. Then I texted. Then I emailed him. He never responded, probably because he thought I was leading him on, or that I was never interested in him to begin with. …

His latest rally is the perfect metaphor.

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Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

It’s what he does best.

Donald Trump just held a rally in Omaha, Nebraska. He urged supporters to get out and vote for him on election day. He got them fired up.

His exact words, according to CNN:

“I mean, I’m standing here freezing. I ask you one little favor. Get the hell out and vote… At least you’re down there with each other. I’m all up here and that wind is blowing.”

Ah, Trump. It’s always about him.

Then he left.

For the rest of the night, thousands of his biggest fans waited in freezing weather for buses that never showed up. …

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