Let’s bust some meta/narratives.

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Dianna Indiana

Plenty of attractive women out there think they can have any guy they want, without putting much effort anywhere else. It makes sense, if you assume all guys want to date supermodels.

Turns out, they don’t.

I remember watching a beautiful woman hit on one of my friends at a cafe a few years ago. She flirted with him for a few minutes by the cream and sugar station, then gave him her number.

My friend was easy to look at, for sure, a blend of every famous Chris (Evans, Hemsworth, Pine). …

Stop watching failure porn.

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Dragana Gordic

I should’ve quit sooner.

It started with the launch of my first book. I’d spent four years working on the stupid thing. It won two major awards, then finally got published with a small indie press, with some glowing reviews.

The book tour was a disaster.

Everything you can imagine going wrong did. Bookstores forgot about my events. Newspapers misprinted dates. Feature writers got the name of my book wrong. They got my name wrong. Reviewers wrote rave reviews that got cut at the last minute. Famous authors offered me speaking events and blurbs and then changed their minds.

Mentors laughed at me. …

We put ourselves there, and we can get out.

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Yuiy Zhuravov

I had it all planned out.

We were going to reunite after ten years, at a dinner with friends from high school. He was going to see the smart, successful swan I’d become. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me. We’d flirt, like we’d been doing over the phone the last few weeks. We would go back to his place for casual sex. Then I could finally cross him off my bucket list.

Obviously, that’s not what happened.

I’m glad it didn’t.

My crush showed up in a wife beater.

That’s right.

Basically, the drunk idiot of pajamas.

He sat down at our table, acting like he’d just woken up. My friends all exchanged nervous glances. We decided to ignore his attire and ask him what he’d been up to lately. …

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