“Remember I’ll always love you. No matter where we end up, my heart is forever yours”. Looking into her husband eyes afraid and in tears. Angel sees her husband being dragged away by masked men. The one man without a mask the leader of the pack Baako.

Angels wakes up startled breathing heavily and sweat dripping from her face. Reimaging the death of her husband she sits up and sits on the edge of the bed. Looking around of the old and abandoned restaurant she has lived in for a year. Leaning forward with her face in her hands she begins rocking back and forth. Mad at the world Angel stands with anger walks to the bathroom. Looks into the old dirty broken mirror “What have you become? Who are you?” asks Angel to herself. Turns on the faucet fills her hands with water and cleans her face.

The back door knob begins to shake as Angel walks out of the bathroom. Angel quickly runs to her sword and waits behind the door. In comes a scared man running from a group of men. The man drops to the floor and looks up to the bad end of a blade straight in the face. “sssssssssssh be quite” says Angel quickly closing the door. Putting her ear to the door listening to the men outside. 1st man “Where did he go?” 2nd man “The boss is going to be very upset about this” 1st man “No really, how about you stop thinking about the boss and keep looking!” 3rd man “C’mon men I think he ran into one of these buildings.” Angel locks the door before the men come to the door. 2nd man quietly walks to the door. “Well this ones locked. Lets keep it moving men.”

“Who are you?” quietly asks Angel. Scared out of his mind the man says “Stratton, William Stratton.” “Why have you come into my home?” says Angel. Slowly beginning to stand “This doesn’t seem like much of a home.” Says Stratton. “Why are you here?” “I was running from those men outside. They have been trying to kill me for the past week?” stated Stratton. “Why shouldn’t I do them the favor of killing you for them?” says Angel. “Because I am an innocent man!” While slowly putting his hand in his satchel “I will prove to you why they are trying to kill me. It’s a newspaper I promise I won’t do any stupid.” Angel tightens the grip on her sword “By coming into my home you’ve already done something stupid.” Pulling out the newspaper Angel snatches it from his hand. “What is this supposed to prove?” “Look at the name at the bottom, I wrote it.” Angel skims the front page story and the Stratton was right his name was at the bottom of the story. She looks at the title it says “Saving or killing our city.”

“Who is this about?” says Angel. The only man who has been killing for years and still gets away with it. Baako!” Angel lets her sword down and looks at Stratton with despair. “So you’re writing about a ghost?” “He cant be a ghost if I know where he is.” Looking at Stratton surprised and interested. “Wait you know exactly where he is?” “Yeah Ive been to his home a few times. He wanted me to write a story on him, but the only problem was I didn’t write the story he wanted.”

“Take me to him!” said Angel. “If I’m trying to get away from him why would I take you to him?” “Either you take me to him or you die.” “Or or I can draw you a map and you can go alone.” With a scared smirk on his face Stratton starts pulling a pen from his pocket. “NO! You are coming with me! You’re taking him to me!”

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