Novel Resolutions

It’s Valentine’s Day, and by now you’re a month and a half into your New Year’s resolutions, which may include fitness goals to shape into a new you, and matchmaking goals to find a new love.

Fit to Love, a sweet contemporary romance, was released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

You may have hit the gym and downloaded a dating app. But after swiping though countless profiles to find your soulmate, racking up the steps on your pedometer, and counting your daily calories, if you feel like you’re running out of steam, I’m here to give you that pep talk that you need. In your quest to take the perfect selfie, don’t forget about improving your self-esteem.

In a former job as the director of research communications at the University of Miami medical school, I attended a symposium on obesity research. Then, while working out at the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center, I saw good-looking personal trainers coaching overweight clients. Many of the clients struggled through the fitness routines, but with lots of encouragement, they returned again and again. They needed to have both external motivation, as well as the inner strength to complete their killer circuits.

And poof! In between riding the elliptical at the gym and listening to research showing obesity rates skyrocketing, the idea for Fit to Love, my first novel, was born. After her mother’s tragic death from diabetes, my heroine, mousy Daisy Day embarks on her own life-saving mission to lose a hundred and fifty pounds. Handsome personal trainer and Army veteran, Eric Anderson, seems like the answer to her prayers.

Rather than try to emulate airbrushed pinup models that advertise impossible proportions, Daisy is motivated to stick with her weight loss program to keep her promise to her mother, save her own life, and continue to see her handsome trainer. She also finds inspiration from nature and tacks a picture of a slender white egret to her fridge to motivate her.

I hope you find the drive that you need to achieve your resolutions this year, and if you’re looking for a little inspiration, you just might find it in Fit to Love, just published by Clean Reads on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and Kobo.

What forces, internal and external, will lead you to change for the better this year? Leave a comment and chime in below.

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