A little self reminder.

Today I had to check myself. I had to remind myself where I’d been… because generally I find it’s way too easy to forget and become ungrateful for what you’ve got.

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know I’d been struggling with some major skin issues. But a week and a half ago I found the cause and have been rapidly healing since.

So as you can imagine, for the past week I’ve been overcome with joy and appreciation. I look like me again and it feels like nothing short of a miracle after months of escalation.

But as I’m sure you can relate, soon enough, you recalibrate your perspective and expectations.

And I caught myself doing just that. As I saw my skin clear more and more, I was no longer focusing on the improvement, but the imperfections that remained.

As I reminded myself where I’d been, I thought — isn’t this true in life that as we get more, we expect more?

Maybe today you need a little self reminder to appreciate where you are, to look back where you’ve been, and be grateful for how far you’ve come.

So here it is.

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