Why I’m sick of hearing that we need to focus on ONE thing to be successful.

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

I doubt it.

Because we all have a tendency to want certainty and control — it’s survival.

And focus is clear, it’s certain, it’s ‘safe’. Unfocused is confusing, it’s uncertain and ‘unsafe’.

That’s why we buy into the idea of focusing on one thing.

But the trouble is…

To find yourself, you need to lose yourself.

To find comfort you need moments of discomfort.

To have focus in the foreground (your future), you need blur in the background (your past).

In other words, to find your one true path (if you have one at all) you need to find many paths.

“I believe we are better off experiencing a wide breadth (that’s what general education is) and at some point we dive really deep.”

Some people just want to specialise, but…

“You need a combination of the two.”

To be well-rounded.

-Ed Catmull

Because the more we learn, and the more we study a wide variety of fields, the broader perspective we have — and the less blind to our biases we become.

Often when we try to focus to0 fast, too soon, we run the risk of becoming un-relatable, one-dimensional human beings.

“In respect to the world of intellect I was never interested in small, specialised studies. I think they tend to dehumanise you.”

Joseph Campbell

I think the reason why so many people struggle with this popularised notion of ‘the one thing,’ is because, for most of us, one thing just isn’t the right thing. How do you know? It’s not fulfilling.

Focus makes sense, but often doesn’t feel right.

Because most of us don’t fit into one nice, neat little box.

And that’s okay.

In fact, I’d argue it’s awesome.

And sure, focus can get you to a specific destination faster, but don’t the wise ones say — it’s all about the journey, and not the destination?

So if you are multi-passionate, wouldn’t you be better off enjoying the longer road, than suffering through the shorter one?

What is success anyway?

To me success it’s paving your own damn path.

One that will inevitably get rocky and windy at times, but you know it’s yours — because it feels totally worth it.

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