Changing Seasons

This week something phenomenal happened in the nation of Zimbabwe, the country of my birth. The man who had sat at the helm of the country for my entire life was finally faced with reality: the people no longer wanted him. They no longer feared or reverenced him. And they were not holding back on expressing that position. For the first time in my life, I watched the news in awe and extreme disbelief as Robert Mugabe conceded to the voice of the people and resigned as President of a country that once was so rich and bountiful, but is now counted amongst the poorest in the world. It is the end of an era. A new day has dawned.

Here in Canada it’s fall. Or late fall. Or early winter – I don’t know… it’s snowing at this moment as I write thus. The grass has turned brown and the lushness of summer green is all gone. The weather is cooling everday, and the trees have already lost all their colourful leaves. The season is changing.

Changing seasons and the end of an era. That’s a lot like life! Change is inevitable, and it will come to all of us in different ways and for different reasons. We can either embrace it or resist it, and resisting it only leads to bigger problems in the end. It’s a lot like letting go. If the trees refused to shed their colourful leaves against the blustery fall winds, they would never experience the beauty of budding new leaves in spring.

So in the end, change is a good thing. The end of an era is the beginning of a new hope. And letting go paves the way for new possibilities!

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