It isn’t always what it seems

“The first appearance deceives many: the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” — Phaedrus

It’s so easy to “judge a book by its cover.” We make assumptions and presumptions based on our own experiences and understanding, brought about by our backgrounds and upbringing. All these factors play a huge role in influencing the way we perceive things. For the most part, our perceptions of situations are usually correct, however there is that small percentage of occasions where we are wrong. Sometimes, it isn’t always what it seems. All it takes is availing ourselves to a little extra time to listen, or to understand before we can be certain of what the real truth of the situation is. You’ll be surprised how many things have been under your nose all along, yet you never noticed them.

As for me, I think I am getting wiser as I grow older. Some may call it discernment, but I am realising in many everyday situations that there is usually more to a situation than what appears on the surface. And as I write this article this morning, I am realising that I was wrong about so many things on so many fronts. I was fearful in situations where there was nothing for me to fear. I was insecure in relationships where I mattered more than I understood. And I was bold in situations were I probably had no business poking my nose. Things are not always as they seem.