Recap of E3 LA Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles. The E3 conference series is produced by Global Situation Room and in 2017 will take place in DC, Dublin, Boston, Madrid, Los Angeles and Dallas. The events are intended to promote global expansion and empower attendees to understand how to launch in new markets and make the connections to do so.

Topics discussed included trade policies and their impact on SMEs, globalization challenges and advice on building a global brand. There was also a discussion with McKinsey’s Venture Leader Judy Wade where she shared insights on understanding global growth timing, how to maximize potential in local markets and venture trends in 2017. This was one of my favorite sessions of the day with her advice to “grow fast and die slow” still stuck in my head.

Since founding The Vollman Group, I’ve attended several events that are focused on globalization strategies, many of which tend to recycle tips and techniques on going global. I found the conversations at E3 to be fresh and incredibly valuable and I was able to make meaningful connections during the event.

I’m looking forward to attending and speaking at their Dallas event on December 5th. If you’re a Dallas-based entrepreneur, SME or government official interested in learning more about and promoting global trade, keep your eyes on their website as they’ll be confirming Dallas speakers soon:

Jessica Vollman is the Founder of The Vollman Group, a consultancy that works with growth stage companies as they prepare to expand internationally.