Chinese table manners

When you learn mandarin online, our teachers will also introduce you interesting facts about Chinese culture, because one just can’t separate language and culture.

As an old saying goes, when in Rome, do as Romans do. Every country has its own culture, so does China. As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has a long history and creates many splendid cultures. Chinese culture has a great influence both in modern china and western cultures.

As the popularity of Chinese culture, foreigners should know something about Chinese culture. Now, I’ll tell you something about the table manners. If a big family wants to gather together to have a dinner, the older people should sit in the first chair of a table. This kind of sequence shows that it is very polite to the people who are older than us. When we Chinese people sit around the table to have a dinner, we speak with each other loudly and happily. Women sit together to talk about education of children or the housework of home. On the contrary, men sit together to talk about the job and how to earn lots of money to make a living. Besides, sometimes when Chinese people have a dinner, you ask whether he or she has another bowl, he or she may say, “Oh, no, thanks”, but its intended meaning may be “Yes, I want.”

Table manner which is a kind of Chinese cultures deserves us to learn in our online Chinese lessons. We should learn this kind of manner in a thorough way. Only in this way can we communicate with Chinese people more freely.