Toronto’s Vegan Bake-Off Sizzles With Sweets

You got to vote for which vegan baked goods you loved most.
 With the beautiful Artscape’s Daniels Spectrum as the backdrop and energetic buzz, it was your responsibility — no, your outright duty as a foodie to taste, savour and enjoy the best of the best in Toronto’s vegan bakery scene. 
 Sometimes life isn’t fair, right?
 On Sunday, I attended my very first Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off and my mind and taste buds exploded. Check out some of the drool-worthy foods that sat pretty, waiting to be devoured.

Be warned: this is not a swanky event but more for those who are dedicated to good grub and nothing more. Your hands were your utensils and the floor was a popular eating area. No one seemed to mind. I checked.

On top of the amazing creations, on display were some pretty impressive cruelty-free, tummy-grumbling inventions to gawk at and snap photos of.

If you think vegan food, especially baked goods, taste like cardboard and never meet up to their old-fashioned dessert counterparts, think again. 
 All photos by Jessica Young. Shot and edited on Samsung S6.

Jessica Young is a writer, photographer and marketing strategist in Toronto. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Visit her website here.


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