It’s been three weeks since we officially kicked off the cultural build of the Token Engineering Commons, and the ecosystem is rallying around the vision of a world with safe digital economies that protect and support public goods. And not just talk, but building towards a Hatch 🐣 that will bootstrap an economy around the emerging discipline of Token Engineering. …

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While much of the dialogue in the blockchain and crypto space dwells on record breaking increases in gas prices and fixes to scale Ethereum, developers are already coding historic technological advancements in the protocol layer that solve many of the issues and challenges the blockchain community is facing.

There are many projects making huge advancements in the areas of consensus algorithms, privacy, self sovereign identities, fractional reserve currencies and bonding curves, conversion, currency design and launch, but the space has yet to see a protocol that is simultaneously and expediently innovating on all of these layers and weaving the solutions together — until now. …


Jessica Zartler

You have the 🔑 find the 🔒 | Tech Anthropologist | Strategist | Token Engineering / Regenerative Systems Researcher | Narratives | Memetics | ॐ Yoga

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