There was a period of time in my life where scarcity was my status quo. Business was a cyclical roller coaster. Some days, my bank account sparkled with the crown of a Cash Queen. Other days, it looked like the Sahara. This feast-or-famine pattern became ingrained into my self worth, and I constantly felt like a failure. And even, sometimes, like a victim. “You’re a struggling entrepreneur,” I would tell myself, “You signed up to be poor for an indefinite period of time. Don’t complain. Just work harder.”

Then one day, the stress, the shame and the heartache came to a head and I found myself on my knees in my office.

I will never, ever forget this day.

I had actually been here, on my knees, praying, crying and begging for a miracle, hundreds of times before. But this day was different. On this day, the pain reached a swell. I had no room left to wallow. No energy left to berate myself or my life. Instead, I began listing off, out loud, everything and everyone in my life I was grateful for, and I mean EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. I must have sat there for an hour, talking to the Universe, just sending out massive, massive love to one thing after the next. It was cathartic, emotional, and I can admit, a little dramatic.

Calling BS on my feelings of unworthiness and lack to instead shine light on all that was beautiful, true and abundant in my life felt amazing. Even if it was only for an hour or so.

Then…a miracle a came.

Literally the next day, I got a call out of the blue from a colleague offering me a six-month consulting contract. The amount of the monthly stipend offered was so large, it put me in an entirely new tax bracket. Soon thereafter, more financial opportunities like this starting rolling in. This contract led to three more contracts, freelance gigs starting picking up, I was getting approached by young women asking me to coach them, and on and on.

This all happened in the span of less than one month’s time.

I didn’t question the irony of this timing. I simply and humbly accepted that the Universe had just given me one hell of a message. I hadn’t been waiting for the Universe. It had been waiting for me. When we stop focusing on what we don’t have and focus on what we do, we open the floodgates to true abundance.

Something else shifted that month besides the numbers in my bank account. My attitude about money completely changed, and I truly believe it was this change in perspective that continued to propel my financial opportunities:

Poverty isn’t synonymous with nobility. It just plain sucks. It’s perfectly okay to say “I desire to be wealthy!” and then to go forth and create it. Abundance is awesome and something we should all strive for and celebrate. (Especially when it’s sourced from following our bliss.) I have learned that we are all destined and designed to be prosperous, and there really is enough to go around. Abundance provides us more time, which leads to more freedom, which leads to more joy, which opens up our lives for more opportunities to serve. Period.

Look, I know it’s a LOT easier to talk about money this way once you have some. But during what was one of the most painful and poor times in my life, I came to realize it’s not money that fires me up at all. It was during this time that I discovered what fires me up WAY more than making money. In truth, it is this fire that inspired me to create the brand SimplyBe. It was during this time that I did. It’s the real reason I am writing this blog and why you are reading it.

Here’s what fires me up more than anything:

People who truly love themselves, own themselves and cherish themselves.

People who boldly shine their light and never apologize for it.

People who are confident enough to let the shine of OTHERS illuminate them, not threaten them.

People who hustle.

People who take big-ass risks and aren’t afraid to fly.

People who take big-ass risks and aren’t afraid to fall.

People who know that falling is not only par-for-the-course, but a gift that makes us better.

People who understand that true abundance comes from the things that have absolutely nothing to do with money: love, joy, connectedness and spirit.

People who create, innovate and lead as individuals, and are empowered by a community of women doing the same.

What fires YOU up more than anything?

Did it take hitting a breaking point to discover it?

I want to know your story.

That story is part of YOUR brand.