What To Do With A Great Piece of Sass.

In Season One of the #SimplyBeSeries, we talked a lot about the concepts of what it takes to build a personal brand.

SimplyBe Confident sounds great in theory, but what does it actually look like?

Welcome to the #SimplyBeBOSS series, where we will take a look at these concepts in action with real life examples of men and women across the globe- movers and shakers who are living out their personal brands and turning their passions into profits.

This week’s #SimplyBeBOSS, and a shining example of what it means to be confident, is Jac Vanek.

Jac is self-made, self-deprecating entrepreneur and big time fashion influencer. Her fashion brand, appropriately named Jac Vanek, is stocked in major retailers all around the world and is built on the premise of being an ironic millennial. Love. In addition, Jac is one third of the wildly successful iTunes podcast The Lady Gang.

Jac has championed a multi-faceted business model and is doing all of the things. Confidently. Here’s how:


Jac is a Fashion Brand.

The Jac Vanek brand says the sassy things that we’re all thinking but are too afraid to say (until now!). Her products, which can be found at TopShop and Zumiez to name a few, are bold, honest, and relatable. She’s taken fashion to a unconventional, conversational place and is busting the old boundaries of fashion. You go, girl.


Jac is ⅓ of The Ladygang Podcast.

Featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Coveted ‘Must List’ and winner of “Podcast of the Year,” The Ladygang Podcast would not be what it is without Jac. Along with her two powerhouse girlfriends Keltie Knight and Becca Tobin, the Ladygang trio sits down for a session of #realtalk with their celebrity counterparts.

They take questions from their listeners and fans and attempt to answer life’s burning questions together. They’re open and confident about the fact that they are women, they mess up, and they get back up again. With confidence.

Jac is Your Friend.

Jac is one of the most real and approachable Instagram accounts that I follow. Sure, it’s also a voice for her fashion brand (a girl’s gotta eat), but she writes her captions like she’s talking to you as her girlfriend and looking for advice. Her voice is real and has a “we’re in this together, girl” vibe that I love. I look forward to her posts and that’s what you want in an audience.


Bottom line she lives her personal brand products out in real life… on @jacvanek (just look at the sayings on all her products). She also keeps an alter-ego Instagram @jacwisdom, in which she shares all her dirty thoughts. That’s bold. I like her.

The learning this week is to be confident and to be sassy. Confidence comes in many forms but owning it, defining it, and taking it to another level is when you get into sassy mode. And that’s when you stand out.

Jac is confident. Jac is bold. Jac is sassy. So take a page out of her book and SimplyBe. Sassy.