Things to consider when buying CPAP machines

CPAP machines are used in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The small machines are used to supply a steady and constant air pressure, a nose piece, a mask or a hose. However, it is important for you to understand how to choose a CPAP machine before you can buy one. Here are some of the key considerations.

Style of the CPAP mask :

You will need to work closely with your CPAP supplier and doctor to ensure that you have a CPAP machine that is able to suit your needs. Different people have different face and needs and a style that is suitable for someone else may not necessary be good for you. There is a wide range of portable oxygen concentrators. For instance, there are some machines that cover the entire mouse and nose and have straps that stretch over the cheeks and forehead. Though these machines may leave you feeling claustrophobic, they are the right choice for providing that stable fit for individuals who move around when asleep.
There are masks that have nasal pillows which are fitted under the nose. They also have straps to cover less of the mouth. These usually feel less cumbersome. The nasal pillows are a good option for individuals who wear glasses as the nasal pillows obstruct vision less as compared to the full face mask. However, these aren’t suitable for individuals who move a lot in their sleep or tend to sleep on the side.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators


Size is also an important consideration as you will need to choose portable oxygen concentrators that fits your need. It is also worth noting that if you are a particular size in one mask, you will not definitely be the same size in another. It is also possible to adjust CPAP machines. You can ask your doctor or the supplier of the machine to help you adjust it so that it can become a perfect fit. You can also learn how to do this by reading the instructions of the manufacturers. You can find a wide selections of CPAP machines to suit your needs on Sleep Restfully.