So you can move on to more important things.

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We all still see them- on billboards, TV, Instagram, YouTube and in magazines. Those women, plastered in make-up, perfect curls, fake everything. So photoshopped that most things weren’t even there in the first place. Most of those images are so altered, it’s hard to see who’s under all of that at all.

Then the dieting ads. Makeover shows. Crowded manicure parlors. I find it all very redundant, and maddening, we still expect women to put in so much work to be considered looking good and as skinny as possible.

I actually…

It’s time to change the paradigm.

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Because, right now, while we’re still in rage over the terrible stories uncovered, we need to learn how to defuse toxic masculinity and reversed sexism — or not much will change.

But first, let’s pad ourselves on the back for the excellent work, laying out all the evidence and painting a picture of hurtful male domination and hardened females, finally.

Not a small feat. Very trying, especially emotionally, for many of us. Including me. The stories were just not something you went around telling everyone until recently. Now, breaking the circle of locker room…

Why it sky rocked my appreciation for things I took for granted.

“Chew” short film.

What our day usually looks like: we get up, take a quick shower, eat breakfast and head to work. Then maybe gym, a bar, golf, concert, sex. And all the while, we don’t realize how much we actually have. Like access to everything. The freedom to do as we please when we please. A functioning set of organs. A sex drive. Legs to walk with...

So what if you suddenly had to rely on your arms to go anywhere? You need (and are screwed without) ramps to access…

When one of your favorite movies unexpectedly becomes reality.

… and focus on yourself instead.

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Sure, we’ve all done it: dreaming of that perfect wedding, that happy life with a strong devoted man by our side. Most of us still do and turn a blind eye to all red flags or brush aside any (strongly advised) conversation about expectations to make that fantasy a reality.

But then we eventually wake up to realize: he’s still a slob, has very questionable morals, runs from anything resembling responsibility and has recently avoided any conversation about that pony he promised you for your birthday. Or baby. …

Jessica Franz

CEO of Triple Threat Pictures | Award-winning screenwriter | Jessica Franz Photography | Life hacker | Cheese Addict

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