10 Ideologies I no Longer Tolerate

The new and improved me refuses to settle for anything less…*eye roll*

Riding the struggle bus in the name of ‘true love’

Hell, no. A man needs to be on my tax bracket or higher if he desires to even entertain the idea of claiming me as a partner. I learned the hard way that insecure men hate when their partner makes more money than them. I refuse to be financially abused by a hobosexual again. Those days are over!!!!

Assuming someone I’m romantically interested in ‘would never do that’

As soon as I became attached to someone, I used to automatically assume “OOoohhh, no he would never do that.” Ironically, he did, and he’ll do it again.

Giving people the benefit of doubt

I trust actions over words…That doesn’t mean I trust you as a person. Who am I to assume you have good intentions if you really don’t? …Exactly.

But they’re your family!!!

You don’t know my story and you don’t understand my past trauma, so why the fuck would I trust you??? Getting back in contact with narcissistic family members is like shoving shit back into your ass after a bowel movement!!!

You owe your future husband sex if you decide to marry him

The lie detector determined that was a goddamn lie. My body my choice. No one is entitled to my goodies. I don’t care what your title is. Stay away from me, weirdo. It’s giving very much, the definition of Sexual Assault!!!!!!!!

You have to have sex in order to have a happy relationship!!

Uh, no. It’s been 2 years of celibacy and I’ll be damned if I let someone destroy that. No one is entitled access to my body unless I consent to it. Did you forget I was Demisexual???? Goddamn, why would I want to have sex with someone I don’t have a deep intimate connection with??? Exactly…look it up.

You need to have children if you want to be happy as a woman

Bitch, I’m already happy. If my uterus didn’t miscarry every fetus that came in contact with it, maybe I would’ve had a full-term pregnancy. I didn’t want kids before my first pregnancy with Isabella. She changed my perception, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I’m happy regardless of if I’m able to conceive or not.

You won’t be happy until you retire

I’m already happy. I was happy when I was middle class, I was happy when I was in poverty, and I’ll be happy if I decide to retire. Happiness comes from within, shut up.

You’ll never get far in life without a college degree

To be honest, I’ve had more well-paying career opportunities from going to Trade Schools. The only reason I went to college was to make my shitty wannabe ‘parents’ happy and make more money; none of those things happened. I’m in debt, sir.

Artists don’t make any money

It honestly depends on which area of Art you choose to specialize in. Graphic Designers and people that work in the UX/UI field are probably making bank. Good for them.

That was exhausting lol. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to follow me here on Medium.com. I need to finish packing boxes, Moving Day is tomorrow! Wish me luck.

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CEO & Founder of Exudexx Productions LLC | Film Director

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Jéssica Vasquez

Jéssica Vasquez

CEO & Founder of Exudexx Productions LLC | Film Director

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