Deconstructing The Shade Behind 5 Microaggressions

Some people truly have the audacity to be disrespectful. Do they get paid for that?

You’re pretty for a fat girl.

Imagine trying to throw shade at the same physique you fetishize behind closed doors. The person that says this microaggression usually is extremely fit or a complete sloppy douchebag.

This is my best friend, and nooo that’s not her real hair. She bought it!!!

Best friends don’t throw each other under the bus with shame and humiliation. If you have a friend like this, you need to let them go. The person voicing this microaggression is usually a pick me palm colored girl that says she isn’t racist because her best friend is African American. Yikes.

You need to lower your tone, so the office is a safe space.

It’s interesting how African Americans are labeled as hostile and aggressive when standing up for themselves, but white people get applauded for crying. Make it make sense. Cliche ‘professionalism’ in the workplace is rooted in White Supremacy and that doesn’t sit right in my spirit.

*Insert Racist Comment*. Oh, come on, it was just a joke!!! You’re too sensitive.

People that joke about racism are the same people who donated $1 to Black Lives Matter just to prove they weren’t racist. Make it make sense.

Your outfit is too sexy for the office

A white person and a black person could be wearing the same outfit, same shoes, same accessories, but the black person always get sexualized. Why the fuck is this happening in 2022??? Just because our clothes accentuate our curves doesn’t mean we want to be sexualized, especially not at work!

Have you ever dealt with someone using a microaggression? If so, comment how it made you feel. What advice do you have for non-minorities to prevent microaggressions in the workplace?

Thanks for Reading!



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Jessica Stella Martin

Jessica Stella Martin

The entrepreneur that never gave up on her dreams.