Crime, crime, crime everywhere. Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second there is a crime and every crime someone can kill you. The extrajudicial killings. This what Philippines experiencing right now.

The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is planning or might bring back the death penalty which remove from the the law during 1987, when Marcos term is over. President Duterte choosen to be the president of the Philippines because his manly thing is to save us from crimes. But do you think he has the right to kill filipino drug pusher and users?

Drugs is one of the most common bad habits in a people. If you are addicted to it you are a drug user. Duterte kill drug lord and pusher. But in the 10 commandments of God saying “Thou shall not kill” A hitman or a assassin was being sent in the places, hunting them until they tracked it down and after that, 1 person is been killed, not only one but everyday in the Philippines there are more than ten person is being killed because of the drugs. How can you say that this is good? He hasn’t the solution we have the solution.

The extrajudicial killing needed to stop, and also the death penalty won’t be anymore in the law again. His solutions are not manly but satanic. everyday there is more than ten you expect to die.

I don’t know why does he kill or haunt a drug pusher and kill it and never talk again. Anyone can change. Change is coming — Rodrigo Duterte, no it is wrong … Death is arrived.


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