Letting her go

It is hard to let go something. Like when you love it and never let go because of the feeling you are experiencing with it. I let go even thought it is hard like the an iron door, a rod that never be broken. Sometime’s in your life you need to let go if you really love her so much.

Let go, stop, leave her alone because someone is right for her. Can you do it? Letting go. Friends only no benefits. I love someone and he loved me too. I am so sorry I am loyal. We now became best of friends. Can you let go?

Letting go, Move on. Here come’s the sun. It’s alright. Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last. Little darling the smiles are returning to your faces. I’ll see you like melting. It’s alright.

Shortest period of the time. Keeping emotions. Letting her go is hard. Experience never be erased by love. Letting her go. I am now letting her go.

The sun rises. Wipe your tears down. There are something today. Take a bath. I am here never leaving you behind, I ll be your light tonight. Help you whatever I can. Do what God gave me. Never stop doing something because the time is ticking.

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