My First Journal:” Weeks of School”

School day’s, Education is needed by all of us not just me not just you. First week is really great lot of homeworks and lots of stuff’s to do. All of us need education, all of us need studies, and all of us need faith; Jesus Christ is the center of our life He is the creator of our world and our faith.

These day’s are school days and what we are all doing?, studying and some sort of stuffs; Education is the second most higher needed in these days because when you are not educated you don’t know anything and you don’t anything that can help you because education is really needed in our economy or in our country.

The day that you hate is Monday because lot’s of lot’s of work or activities that you will going to do specially in the major subjects. Tuesday is the day of quizzes and homeworks. Wednesday-Friday is like the most peaceful days in the school because the activities and homeworks are already balance. What i can do?, is that you will respect the rules and regulations in the school.

The second week; it is the day of try out’s. The try out’s for the basketball is in Friday, but suddenly the try out’s is postponed. The try out’s will start in Saturday, you will preparing everything you need before that day comes. Saturday its is the fresh air and it is the start of try out’s for Varsity Basketball and lots of lot happened then its is that 19 are in but 21 people try out for basketball, and i am the last person that try and i am the last person that who got in the line up, but we will know who are the 15 varsity will play in S.Y. 2016–2017.

God is good he will help everyone who has needing help. Just like in my experience in this days Jesus Christ has a plan for every each one of us. Be good, be respectfull, and be faithful. In Saturday God set me a blessing that i was thankful that i got in tentative lineup. God is good and do your best GOD will do the rest.

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