Will ISIS attacks create an anti-Muslim Britain?

Will non- Muslim targeted extremism deter future Brits from volunteering abroad? and what is being done after this tragic loss?

An innocent, kind and selfless man

52 year old Alan Henning is confirmed to have been beheaded by Muslim extremist organisation ISIS, after a long and suffering captivity in Syria. This horrific news comes shortly after the murder of young British journalism David Haines, as well as the heart wrenching appeal made by his wife of 26 years, Barbara Henning.

The death of Alan has struck up a media frenzy with people, tweeting, blogging and questioning what led this to happen? why was it allowed to happen? and what was the reasoning behind the people responsible?

Further more it has made us think, why help?

The verge of anti- Muslim Britain

Recently Damien Thompson from, The Spectator spoke out via an article regarding these issues. He says that “it feels as if we are on the verge of an anti- Muslim backlash” following everything that has happened previously, and the way it has been presented to us in the media.

The internet broadcast sent out moments before Alan’s beheading

He raised points insinuating that the people living in Britain will potentially now be less willing to volunteer abroad in war torn areas through fear of their own safety. He says “The change of tone speaks volumes” and that things have negatively spiraled since the Lee Rigby incident.

He asks “is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?”

Read the full article here:

A guardian article joint written by Mark Townsend and Tracy McVeigh further highlighted how Alan’s beheading had shattered the hearts of a wealth of different people.

Some British Muslims have spoken out against what has happened saying that they feel Islam is being “Hijacked” by extremists. They have expressed fury and are “numb with grief”.

The Pleas for Alan’s life

In the same article Alan Henning’s brother- in- law spoke out “I thought Alan would make it home.” he adds “I always thought he’d be coming home, I really did.”

“I thought he’s getting through to him, that he’s a really good guy… that he doesn’t deserve what was going to happen to him”. Referring to Alan’s captors he goes on to say “I thought they have got a heart, they are going to let him go.”

Muslim reporter Mohammed Shafiq tweeted previous to his death “for as long as there is hope, we wont stop believing and campaigning for the release of #alanhenning. Thinking of his family and friends”.

A man that died trying to mend the life’s of others

In a further attempt to help Alan a number of British Muslims have released plea videos calling him their “Muslim brother”. They speak of the voluntary work he completed saying that he was helping “our brothers and sisters” that “he is a good man, a family man.” One of the videos ends with “Please show the world how merciful Muslims can be”.

Video appeals came thick and fast in a bid to save Alan’s life.

Heart broken wife Barbara Henning even made an appeal to the ISIS captors to spare the life of her beloved husband

The Prime-ministers word

Upon this horrific incident British Prime-minister also made comment regarding the ISIS organisation saying that the UK “would hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice, no matter what it takes”.

“We have to confront this menace” added Cameron. “Step by step, we must drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy ISIS and what it stands for.”


Volunteering appeal lost?

I wanted to find out if there were any new guidelines put in place with regard to British people going to war torn places like Syria to volunteer. I was shocked by my findings.

According to various research Britain supplies the most volunteers, to war torn areas like Syria. Despite this there have been no additional security measures put in to place to ensure the safety of our volunteers.

Although the number of people willing to go over and help is expected to diminish.

Despite everything that has happened It is incredibly moving to see a wealth of communities coming together to make peace with such a sad time.

Recently the ‘Alan Henning Academy’ has been opened in Syria as an act of memorial for the gentle and loving mans death. This comes with heavy blessing from Barbara Henning, heartbroken at the loss of her husband.

Children pay tribute to there lovingly named ‘Uncle Gadget’

The ‘Unite for Humanity’ organisation put the academy together with financial donations from areas of Britain. This is a beautiful tribute and puts into perspective Alan’s efforts previously in Syria and other aid deprived areas as it is often lost among the brutality of his death.

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