4 Websites That Will Help you Travel Cheaper

Millennials (like myself) are rightfully obsessed with traveling and the value of experiences over material possessions. We’ve all seen the stories of people paying off their debt, quitting their jobs, and dedicating their time to exploring the world. One of the biggest reasons people put off traveling is because it can be really expensive. Guess what? It doesn‘t have to be! Like anything else you buy, you just have to know where to find the best prices and get the best value for your money. These three websites will help you save money on your next trip.

  1. SkyScanner: For the past two years, I’ve only used SkyScanner to book flights. First of all, it’s very user-friendly and allows you to easily see the best/cheapest dates to travel. I always select the “whole month” option instead of selecting specific dates in order to find the least expensive dates to travel.
  2. HomeEscape Vacation Rentals: This is the best place to find cheap vacation rentals around the world. The website lets you book private vacation rentals without services fees. Since HomeEscape doesn’t charge fees for owners or guests, owners are able to list their homes at a cheaper price and guests don’t have to pay booking fees that other sites like Airbnb or VRBO charge. It is a newer site, so the majority of properties are currently in U.S. destinations.
  3. Airfare Watchdog: If you are active on Twitter, this is the best account to follow. They constantly send out alerts for low fares to destinations throughout the world. You can also set up custom alerts if you are looking for a specific time frame or destination.
  4. Groupon: Don’t underestimate Groupon! They have great deals for cruises and Caribbean getaways. Make sure to read the fine print for what dates the trips are available and what airports you must travel out of.

What are your favorite websites for travel deals? Comment to let me know!

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