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In recent weeks I have found myself boring everyone I meet, in blockchain, art, both or neither, spreading the word about Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain.

Like any technology which promises to revolutionise and disrupt the status quo, coverage of ‘Blockchain’ is divisive. …

Part 2 of Art and the blockchain: a call for co-operation. This post looks at several artists using the blockchain both as subject matter and as a new medium.

Blockchain Future States, Simon Denny, 2016

“Technical innovation and the use of emerging technologies as artistic media and themes have substantial continuity throughout the history of western art” (E. Shanken, 2007)

Blockchain as subject matter

Blockchain Future States, Simon Denny, 2016

Simon Denny created his “Blockchain Future States” exhibition at Petzel Gallery in 2016. In this show, Denny used the imagery of the board game Risk, and Japanese games Pokémon to examine and explore the roles and perspectives of three key players in the blockchain ecosystem. Berlin-based Denny, who’s work has also been exhibited at the Berlin Biennale and the Hammer Museum, LA, says his interest in the blockchain is really around the culture of the tech industry. …

Safety Deposit Blocks by Cryptograffiti Acrylic on rusted safety deposit boxes 57.1 cm x 163.8 cm.

After six years working in finance in investment banking and later as a fund manager, I spent the last year doing an M.A. in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art where I researched and wrote about the uses of blockchain technology within the art ecosystem. I worked with many amazing people, many of whom believed that blockchain could make the art world a better place and were keen to contribute to a piece of research which could help effect change.

Rather than leaving my work gathering dust on a shelf I have decided to share it openly in a series of posts to be published over the next few months. My aim is to encourage interest, discussion and involvement in using the blockchain in the art ecosystem. …


Jessy from the block

Co-founder and COO at Codex Protocol. Applications of blockchain in the art ecosystem. Get in touch!

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