The Science Behind Vert Shock Program

The vert shock program is designed based on the basic principles of science and the great deal of information about the muscles and their air conditioning. The vert shock program was designed after careful study of the various muscles elements in a human being as well as the ways and means of increasing its working potential to adapt to explore the needs of vertical jump players.

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The vert shock program is purely based on the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. Muscles human being consist of bundles of individual fibers, each of which is unique characteristics and intended use. The vert shock program focuses precisely on this unique character and helps the player to strengthen them by using well-designed set of exercises.

The slow twitch muscle fibers of aerobic nature and supplies a stable power and is considered to be a very high endurance. Whereas the fast twitch muscle fibers are anaerobic in nature and gives off explosive power when needed, but is just as tired quickly. The vert shock program based on the characteristics of the fast twitch muscles.

The vert shock program specifically aimed at the fast twitch muscles and focuses on the overall strength, so it can produce explosive results.
In basketball equal explosive result, 40-inch or more of skill vertical jump, and this can be achieved by the train of the fast twitch muscles.
The science behind the use of fast twitch muscles is that when a person moves the body to use that muscle fibers determines based on the type of pressure and force exerted thereon. If the use of force is greater than greater use of fast muscle fibers. Ed shock program is nothing more than teaching the body to increase your vertical leap to use the fast twitch muscles to gain explosive power vertical jump.

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