Journal 2

My Boy, Natedog

4th grade, in 4th grade I met the person who would soon become my best friend. Nathan Morales is his name, but to me he’s Natedog or Big Nate due to him being husky. Over the years i’ve shared many memories with him, some of the best i’ve ever had. He’s the kind of person who would put me in front of himself, and he’s always there to take care of me when I get too faded. So many memories come to mind, but they’re not appropriate for school. 8th grade promotion comes to mind, we were so nervous. We were about to “grow up” to become high schoolers. At lunch we were eating with the squad, we spent all thirty minutes reminiscing on the moments we’ve shared that, I actually still have the recording of that lunch period saved on Dropbox. We dressed up pretty snazzily that day, probably our best all year. Eventually, when sixth period came we waited anxiously for the 8th grade class to be called to the gym to begin the ceremony. Our class was in the third row, and in alphabetical order so I knew I would be called sooner than him. I recall, Mr. Ramos, our teacher calling my name Alfredo “Pasta” Castro and the room filled with the cheering of the entire 2017 class. I distinctly remember hearing Big Nate’s voice cheering for me. When they called his name I cheered and almost burst my lungs. After the ceremony we were free to go home. We walked to Mcdonald’s with our squad and shared like 30 of dollar menu burgers, 15 McChickens and 15 Cheeseburgers. The 6 of us completely devoured those burgers. We all spent the night at Natedog’s house and had a blast doing our thing. It’s a memory that I will probably never forget.