Journal 3

The gift of wisdom, i’d say this is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever come to receive in my 16 years of living. My father gave and continues to give me this gift. It may not be a material item, but it is much, much more valuable. His gifts have spanned from knowledge with the ladies to how to become an independant business owner. Any chance he gets to spew knowledge into my ear canals he takes it. The most recent gift of wisdom i’ve acquired was how even though he doesn’t agree what is taught in schools, it is most definitely important for me to receive a proper education and diploma. He’s always tried to teach me to be open minded, risk taking, respectful, and intelligent young man. Also although I don’t agree with the views of some individuals that I should always try to relate and put myself in the situation they are in. To not follow the way of the conformist is also something he has told time and time again. Teaching me these hoes ain’t loyal is also that a very special piece of advice i’ve come garner from him. Another piece of direction i’ve collected from him is that when hot sauce gets in your eyes rubbing it in hair will get rid of the stinging, it may not sound as important as the others, it most definitely has come in handy more than once. I’ve looked up to my father my whole life, and to me he’s one of the most intelligent people i’ve come to know. I know these life lessons are some of the best things I could ever come to be presented with, and I know I will never forget the knowledge my dad has passed on to me. His teachings are something so valuable that I could never forget in a million years, unless I get diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease or something.