Journal 5

Ever since childhood, I recall wanting to accomplish big things. Big things for my younger self were the careers in the medical and scientific fields, specifically a doctor or an astronaut. As my grasp of reality began to grow, I knew I could not accomplish these dreams I had with the grades I have. I began to look at more realistic paths and decided on a career as a history teacher, and my “plan b” a registered nurse. My history teacher choice blossomed from my absolute love of history, my favorite subject, and getting paid to discuss one of my passions sounds ideal. A registered nurse comes from the paranoia of robots taking over the workforce one day, and the assurance that jobs in a hospital will become a social taboo for machines, I hope. I plan on achieving my goals by graduating high school, and going on to college to take the necessary courses. My experience so far has not been where I want to be, I am an underachiever, who does not like try very hard and l put in as minimal effort as possible. I plan on, upon graduating from high school, going to small cheap community college where I can accomplish my goals. Many look at my future and usually give me a sort of disappointed look, claiming my plans are insignificant, pathetic, lazy, and a complete waste. I look at my plans and give myself a pat on the back.