Together We Look Ahead, Onwards Towards A Future to Believe In

Good news, we’re past the worst of it when it comes to primaries.

What happens in the states ahead all rely on the passion, support, and dedication of WE THE PEOPLE who are willing to say enough is enough; we deserve better.

We need a country, government, and President who works for all the people and not just a handful of Billionaires who can buy their influence.

We need a movement that says to the 1% that their time of greed and corruption is over.

We need to stand together; in a time when there is so much on the line.

When millions of people are going without while so few have so much.

We represent a movement of people who belive in the best of humanity. Who see each others as equals in a struggle towards having better lives. Who believe that we’re stronger together and what divides us is far less powerful than what unites us.

We started off this campaign with 3% in the polls and we’re now tied with Secretary Clinton in national polls. We’re the best shot at guaranteeing not only a democrat in office, but a true progressive who will finally work to build a system of government that works for the 99%.

This campaign, and this movement, isn’t about you or me… it’s about all of us as one country and one humanity looking towards a brighter future.

This campaign needs you, now more than ever, to speak loud and clear that the future of this country is too important to leave up to chance. This movement has always been about building a Future to Believe In, and together, we’ll do just that.

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